From time to time, these problems that happen to men can also happen to women. The most important sexual problem faced by women is frigidity. It is also known as frigid.

What Is Frigidity (Sexual Coldness)?

The disease called frigidity is an important problem in sexual life. The root of this problem is alienation from sexuality. Frigidity, known as frigidity in society, is a very annoying condition. After this situation, which alienates women from sexuality, problems arise between couples. The woman, who is cold from sexuality, moves away from sexuality day by day. As a result of this situation, problems arise in sexual life. This condition, which is annoying for both men and women, is called frigidity.

Sexual frigidity is one of the most common conditions. People living with this disease should seek help without fear and willingly. Otherwise, there may be situations that are difficult to treat.

What Are the Symptoms of Frigiditis?

There are many reasons for the emergence of frigidity disease. Of course, for these reasons, you need to know the symptoms of frigidity first. By knowing the symptoms that cause frigidity, you can better understand whether you are experiencing frigidity.

Frigid signs;

– Decreased sexual desire,

– Tendency to avoid sexuality despite the presence of sexual stimuli,

– Not thinking about sexuality for a long time,

– Do not be closed to sexual fantasies.

At the root of the symptoms of frigidity lies the avoidance of sexuality. It means that people who move away from sexuality day by day have begun to develop sexual coldness. In such cases, we need to get rid of frigidity as soon as possible. In order to eliminate this situation, which will negatively affect your life, you need to try various methods. Of course, for this, you must first be determined and confident.

What are the Causes of Coldness?

People who experience frigidity may experience this problem for one or more reasons. It is absolutely necessary to know the factor that causes frigidity. Otherwise, the chance of treatment is not possible. It is extremely important to find these reasons for the elimination of frigidity.

● Factors causing frigidity;

● Experiencing painful sexual intercourse

● Disorders of arousal or orgasm

● Negative situations during pregnancy

● Menopause or similar medical diseases

● Involuntary sexual intercourse

How Is Frigidity Treated?

There are many methods for the treatment of frigidity. After you are sure that you are experiencing frigidity, you can start trying these methods. You have to be patient and diligent to get through this process.

1. First of all, the causes of frigidity disease should be determined clearly. The patient must consent to the treatment voluntarily.

2. The period of sexual coldness should be investigated in detail. The underlying causes should be investigated.

3. The patient should be properly informed about sexuality. Prejudices must be broken and misinformation corrected.

4. When necessary, the patient should be made aware of sexuality with the help of elements such as books, videos or movies.

5. Negative feelings and thoughts of the patient should be changed.

6. If there are environmental factors that cause frigidity, they should be eliminated.

7. The patient’s feelings and thoughts should be prioritized. If they have fears, their reasons should be investigated.

Sexuality is an emotion that everyone should experience freely and willingly. Couples should always be understanding towards each other. The sexual coldness can also be experienced by the partner. Therefore, all causes of frigidity should be eliminated. Only in this way can a healthier sexual life be experienced.

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