What is Ferritin Deficiency?

Iron taken into the body with various foods; It has a very important place in terms of the functioning of metabolism. Cells found in large amounts in the blood are erythrocytes and red blood cells. Erythrocytes; It becomes responsible for the transport of carbon dioxide and oxygen to the human body. The erythrocyte fulfills this task in a way that depends on iron.

Ferritin; it is a component that stores iron in the human body. Ferritin protein contains approximately 4500 iron molecules. Ferritin test should be done to understand whether there is enough iron in the human body. Optimum ferrite value; Although it varies depending on factors such as gender and age, 20-200 ml / ng in women and 20-500 ml / ng in men are normal values. The low rate for women is due to the monthly menstrual bleeding.

What Causes Ferritin Deficiency?

The ferritin content in the blood is below normal values ​​or, in other words, low ferritin; It occurs due to frequent coffee and tea consumption and irregular nutrition. In addition, limitation of iron intake due to pregnancy, menstruation and breastfeeding periods and irregular nutrition also causes ferritin deficiency. Other reasons for ferittin deficiency can be listed as follows;

Chronic ailments,
– To miscarry,
– Overcooked meat,
– premature birth,
Vitamin C deficiency
Intestinal and stomach problems,
– It can be listed as blood loss.

How Is Ferritin Deficiency Passed?

With the ferritin test, it can be stated that the lack of ferritin amount will be a harbinger of some health problems. However, it is very important to focus on the underlying cause of this deficiency. The deficiency that will develop due to the diseases that cause bleeding is recovered with the control of the bleeding.

Ferritin deficiency; If it does not develop due to any disease, some iron supplements and medications can be given with the doctor’s approval. In some cases, besides iron supplements, the diet should also be shaped accordingly. The consumption of iron-making foods, especially red meat, should be increased. Care should be taken not to consume products such as coffee and tea immediately after a meal. It is necessary to take vitamin C. It is very important to consume plenty of fruit.

For ferritin deficiency; Consumption of foods such as shellfish, cabbage, offal, broccoli, lentils, beans, broccoli, tofu, lentils will help increase iron in the body. If a vegetarian or vegan diet is preferred, dietary supplements are used. Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be abandoned. In some cases, it is important to have a blood transfusion.

Low Ferritin Symptoms

It will be possible to list the symptoms of low ferritin as follows;

– Being nervous,
– Tiredness,
– weakness,
– Anxiety,
– It is difficult to get up in the morning,
– Lack of appetite,
Pain in the legs,
– Hair loss,
Desire to eat lime and soil,
– Headache,
– Concentration deterioration,
– ringing in the ears,
Feeling cold,
Shortness of breath
– Discoloration of the skin,
Dry skin
– Striped appearance on nails,
– Easy to break nails,
– Hair loss,
– Loss of sexual desire,
Restless leg syndrome,
– It can be listed as numbness in the fingers of the hand and feet.

Is Ferritin Deficiency Dangerous?

Low ferritin values ​​cause many serious diseases, but do not cause fatal consequences when diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. In case of ferritin deficiency, supplements and some medications are given if deemed appropriate by the physician. In this way, the danger of ferritin deficiency is eliminated.

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