What is Fasting Diet? How is it done?

It is possible to lose weight in a short time with fasting diet, which has been very interesting in recent years. With this diet, which is similar to the fasting in Ramadan, people go hungry for 12-16 hours. In addition, fasting diet has different aspects than normal fasting. It is recommended to fast for up to two days in the fasting diet. Fasting diet can be applied to lose weight permanently.

The purpose of the fasting diet is to ensure that the body is hungry at certain intervals and burns fat quickly with the feeling of hunger. In order for the fasting diet to be effective, it is recommended to fast for a few hours each day, or one or two days a week. Fasting diet provides effective weight loss as it speeds up the metabolism. In order for this diet to be very effective, it is necessary to fast for at least 16 hours a day. Thus, weight can be lost quickly.

Is it Possible to Lose Weight with Fasting Diet?

Since fasting diet speeds up the metabolism, it must be applied with the right steps. Fast weight loss can be achieved by fasting for a few hours each day or a few days each week. The fasting diet generally suppresses the hunger hormone. Thus, craving for calorie foods is prevented. Thanks to this diet, memory and learning are also strengthened.

Fasting diet prevents aging by regulating the hormone levels in the body. According to studies conducted especially on overweight individuals, the daily calorie intake of obese patients who follow the fasting diet for 8 weeks decreases by 80 percent. Thus, there is a decrease in stress levels. Fasting diet provides fast fat burning.

What Should Be Considered While Fasting?

– While fasting, a gap should be left between the days of fasting. Especially 2 or 3 days a week should be fasted.
– It is best to fast for 12-16 hours to lose weight.
– It is necessary to avoid intense activities on fasting days. Yoga or light exercises should be done on fasting days.
– While fasting diet should be drunk plenty of water. In addition, fat-free and unsweetened tea and coffee should be consumed.
– During the fasting diet, the muscle structure of the body should be strengthened. Various nutritional supplements are made for this.
– If the fasting diet is used, the fasting days can be increased one more day. This makes fasting diet easier.

Things to Know About Fasting Diet

It is necessary to apply the fasting diet which is frequently preferred today. Fasting diet that prolongs the life is also very effective in losing weight. Fasting diet can cause fatigue in people in general. In addition, different effects can be shown in people who follow this diet. Especially people who follow the fasting diet may experience various fatigue because they are hungry for a long time. People who follow the fasting diet should be fed with vegetables, fruits and proteins.

During this diet, especially carbohydrates and sugary foods should never be consumed. In addition, those who will follow the fasting diet should consult a specialist dietician and physician before starting this diet. Thanks to the fasting diet applied after the doctor’s control, weight can be lost quickly and effectively. During this diet, people should also avoid heavy exercise.

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