What is Eye Irrigation?

As a result of the accumulation of excessive fluid in the eye canals, this fluid flows out of the eye membranes is called watering. Eye irrigation is also called excessive tear production. Eye watering also occurs when the eye canals are filled. Most of the time, it is a kind of eye condition that goes away by itself.

Causes Eye Watering?

1) Eye Strain
Eye watering occurs as a result of eye fatigue. Eye watering is one of the biggest causes of eye fatigue. Eye strain occurs, especially as a result of excessive reading or staying at the computer. As a result, the person gets watery eyes.

2) Sinusitis
As a result of sinusitis, nasal discharge occurs continuously. At the same time, fluid and mucus accumulation in the nose increases. Eye watering occurs as a natural consequence of sinusitis. When eye irrigation occurs due to sinusitis, it sometimes passes spontaneously.

3) Allergies
Allergic reactions also cause eye watering. A number of allergies cause excessive watering in the eyes. It appears as a symptom of allergy. Allergy can give symptoms both in the eyes and in the nose. This is considered to be a natural consequence of allergy.

4) Blepharitis
Blepharitis is also known as eyelid inflammation. Eye watering is seen as a symptom of eyelid inflammation. Eyelid inflammation is among the most common types of inflammation.

5) the common cold
Eye watering is a natural consequence of the common cold. Eye watering is a symptom of the common cold. As a result of the common cold, some abnormal reactions occur in the body. The common cold, which is seen with a runny nose and watery eyes, is also seen with many other symptoms.

How Do Tears Go?

1) Tea Dressing
Tea is perfect for essence. Therefore, if you are experiencing tears, you can make a tea dressing. It is the first preferred treatment option for tearing. Among the natural treatment options, tea dressing is preferred directly for tears and other eye diseases. You can choose the tea bag shake while you are doing tea dressing. In this way, you can ensure the pore pores to heal quickly.

2) Tear Drops
Tear drop is a drop available from pharmacies. With this tear drop, it is possible to pass the tear in a short time. You can apply the tear drops twice a day. In this way, tears are treated naturally.

How is Tearing Treatment Done?

1) Hot Compress Application
The first treatment option applied by the doctor in the treatment of tearing is hot compress. Tear treatment is treated with hot compress application. You can open the excessive blockage of the tear ducts in these ways. In this way, a hot compress is treated.

2) Artificial Tears
Artificial tear treatment is applied for tears that occur as a result of the lack of tears. Tears are fed along with artificial tears. Tears are treated naturally in this way. Artificial tears are applied to the eye twice a day. In this way, tears are treated. In a short time, tearing passes with this treatment.

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