The most common application in the field of aesthetic dermatology all over the world is filling applications. The frequency of application increases with each passing year compared to the previous years. The fact that filling applications are preferred so much brings along very different approaches in our sector.

When it comes to filling applications, individual region studies that develop in line with periodic trends and change their names when the place is changed are presented to people. I give an example from a patient who is believed to change his image in the mirror instantly when he has nasolabial filling, to another patient who believes that cheek filling alone will be sufficient to recover the skin structure that sags down due to the loss of elasticity on his face … If you are not satisfied with your facial sagging, loss of elasticity and deteriorating skin quality, you should avoid filling works on a single area!

What is Holistic Facial Approach with Dynamic Face Filling Application?

Our aim in the Holistic Facial Approach is not to apply a large amount of fillers to a single area and send you off with a volume-focused and exaggerated swelling … There are three important points that we especially emphasize in the Holistic Face Approach:

• Our first concern is the volume loss of your face.
• The second and most important point is your skin quality and skin health. And combined treatments to increase your skin quality.
• The third issue we are interested in is to reposition your face by performing a special study that is compatible with your facial anatomy, that is to say, without exaggeration, without disturbing your naturalness.

First, re-volume; It should be applied especially to the temple, cheekbones, nasolabial, marionette and chin areas that form a dynamic facial flow. The second stage of Dynamic Face Filling application is to increase the quality and firmness of the skin. Generally, the approach consists of fractional carbon dioxide laser and mesotherapy applications. The last stage consists of rope suspension methods, which are repositioning operations. The application method, application interval, application doses of these applications vary according to each patient, and it is very important that the physician has gained enough experience to follow a personalized way.

How is Holistic Facial Approach Performed?

In the Holistic Facial Approach, Dynamic Facial Filling is applied to the temple, cheek, nasolabial, chin and jawline areas that make up your dynamic facial flow, especially for these three important points. Another important feature of the applied transactions is that they do not end in a single session. On the first day of the procedure, which we call the 0th day, the patients who come to the procedure undergo a very detailed preliminary examination, and the first procedures are started without leaving even the smallest question unanswered. After the first session, which lasts for an average of 30-35 minutes, the patients are left to a 15-day recognition / acquaintance process so that the procedures are completely settled with dynamic facial flow. In this process, the filling passes the stage of getting to know the skin. On the 15th day, patients are called again and receive their second procedure. Thus, after the 15-day break for the skin to recover and accept the filler to get a healthier result, a study with much healthier and successful results emerges.

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