Detox, which helps to remove excess body parts for the function of a healthy body, provides extra vitality. Harmful toxins in the body are rapidly removed from the body, helping to accelerate the process.

What is Detox?

Detox; With the easiest definition, it is the process of cleansing the body from toxic components. There are many detox methods for herbal tea, fruit and vegetable juices, fasting, consuming certain foods or emptying the intestines by enema method. Thanks to detox, it is aimed to strengthen the digestive system and immunity. However, there are two different detox methods.

The first of these; It is a type of medical detox applied in hospital conditions in order to remove alcohol or toxic substances from the body. The other can be defined as a healthy life detox made with teas, mostly beneficial fruits and vegetables, recommended by dieticians. Slimming and healthy life is aimed with the detox method, which is very popular today.

How to Detox?

Types of detox;


Consuming only vegetables and fruit juices or liquids such as herbal teas for a few days,

– Using baths or saunas to remove toxins with sweat,

– Implementation of special diets rich in antioxidant content,

– It can be indicated as cleansing the intestines with a laxative or an enema.

How to Prepare Detox Water?

The points of the preparation of detox water;

– Depending on the preference of detox water, preferred vegetables, fruits or herbs should be prepared.

– Then it is chopped, crushed or grated to be used and added into the water.

– Freshly prepared detox water should be consumed during the day without waiting too long.

– Detox water, which is prepared in a cold way, should be kept in the refrigerator for a night in order to mix the aroma of the materials used and the ingredients should be drained and only the water should be consumed. It helps those who do not want to wait, the ingredients are crushed with the help of a blender and the flavors mix more easily.

What Is Detox Water Good For?

Detox water; It eliminates toxins from hygiene products, beverages and food. Apart from many toxins that are kept under control every day, toxins in the inhaled air and toxins from beverages and food are also significantly controlled. Many healthcare professionals; agrees that many important ailments in daily life are caused by toxic load. Organic vegetables and fruits, grass-fed animal foods significantly reduce the amount of toxins taken daily.

Thanks to detox, energy increases throughout the day. Detox diets; While it causes fatigue when applied early, many people state that they feel much better after detox diets. An important part of the detox consists of clean water. Many studies point out that even mild dehydration frequently causes anxiety, headache, lack of performance, and mood disorders. Thanks to detox, blood is cleansed.

Thanks to the cleansed blood, tissues and cells are nourished and repaired. You have stronger immunity. In this way, the rate of getting sick is very low. Thanks to the detox, the shine of the hair increases due to the better nourishment of the follicles by having a lively skin.

Bloating and gas problems are reduced with detox. Have better digestive system and bowel activities. With the abstinence from unhealthy eating habits, weight loss occurs and a healthy weight is lost. With a 7-day detox program, women can lose up to approximately 4 kilograms and men up to 6 kilograms.

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