What is Dementia? Why Does It Happen?

Dementia often describes symptoms that affect memory and thinking. Dementia is not a disease that can occur alone. There are many different types in the field of medicine. The most common type is Alzhemir dementia. Alzheimer is responsible for 60% to 85% of these dementia cases. Vascular dementia occurs as a result of a possible stroke. This type of dementia is the second most common type of dementia.

Dementia is a Latin word and it originated from the word mind, which is mens. Dementias means the loss or loss of the mind. These dementias do not occur immediately. A certain amount of time must pass. In people, these symptoms manifest slowly and can progress rapidly.

Some types of dementia can occur due to a lack of any substance found in the body. It can also occur according to the effects of different drugs. However, dementias that occur due to these reasons are not dementias that are very effective and do not progress. The brain is an important organ for the body.

If cells in any part of the body are damaged, that region cannot perform its functions. Dementia diseases also occur as a result of damage to brain cells. These damages occur in the interrelation of brain cells and eliminate their ability to communicate.

When brain cells are unable to establish the communications they need to establish, they can greatly affect both thinking and emotions. Different types of dementia can be related to damage to some parts of the brain. The hippocampus is the center of learning and memory in the brain. Brain cells in this area are the first to be affected in Alzheimer’s disease. For this reason, the first symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss.

What are the Symptoms of Dementia? How Is It Treated?

Types of dementia can show different symptoms. While the symptoms can be seen immediately in some types of dementia, these symptoms may extend over a long period in some types of dementia. The stages of Demas are also very important in showing symptoms. A different symptom can be seen at each stage. Early stage is a stage where demas are ignored. At this stage, symptoms progress very slowly and in some cases manifest themselves. Common symptoms at this stage are as follows;


Trouble keeping track of time

Getting lost in known places

Dementia progresses slowly, forming the middle stage. In the middle stage, symptoms are seen more frequently and clearly and people are highly affected by this situation. Symptoms that may occur in the middle stage are as follows;

Don’t forget people’s names

Getting lost in the house

Inability to communicate

Not being able to take care of yourself

Needing help with certain matters

The most dangerous stage in dementias is the late stage. At this stage, the symptoms are now completely settled in the patient and are seen continuously. The symptoms seen are as follows;

Can’t remember time and place

Difficulty walking

Aggressive behavior

Not being able to recognize family members

How is Dementia Diagnosed?

There is no special test to diagnose Demas. In this case, doctors can make a detailed clinical examination. By applying tests with some questions, it is tried to find out whether people have dementia. If doctors suspect a different condition, they may request different tests, such as neuroimaging. In addition to brain imaging, blood tests may be requested from patients.

Can Dementia Be Prevented?

Dementia is a disease that scares everyone and manifests itself with old age. There is no sure way to prevent dementia. However, some methods can slow the onset of dementia or extend its duration. These methods are as follows;

Keep the mind active

Not smoking

Consuming foods containing vitamins

Being physically and socially active

Getting health problems treated

Sleep patterns

Nutrition scheme

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