Delta plus, which is a further development of the delta variant, which is the most effective among the mutations of the coronavirus, appeared in different countries. Minister Koca, who made a statement in the past weeks, stated that this variant has not been encountered in Turkey yet. In his last-minute statement today, he announced that the delta plus variant was detected in 3 provinces. So, what is this variant, in which provinces is it available?


Saying that one of the Delta plus variant cases was in Istanbul, Koca said, “One of them is in Istanbul. It is not in Ankara. I will not mention the other two provinces.”

Noting that the general health status of the cases is good, Koca said, “The patients are followed up out-patients. Therefore, they are not people who have a more severe illness in that respect.”


The new variant, which emerged with the mutation of the delta mutation, one of the most dangerous variants of the coronavirus, was named “delta plus”. In short, experts refer to it as mutation of mutation.

Delta plus, which poses a risk due to its faster infectious feature, is also among the variants that reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. It is considered among the variants of concern, as it is more resistant to antibody therapy. It is known that the delta and delta plus variants are effective in the rapid increase in the number of cases in the UK.

If there is evidence that a variant thought to be mutated meets at least one of the criteria such as easier and faster transmission, more severe disease, and resistance to antibodies, it is classified as a “variant of concern”.

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