What is CRP?

If there is inflammation or other ailments in any part of the body, the defense mechanism goes into action. Especially in cases of inflammation of the body, proteins called CRP are produced in the livers. The high amount of CRP may mean that the rate of infection in the blood is high. Therefore, in the tests performed, in case of high CRP, infection or other dangerous diseases may be in question.

In Which Situations Does CRP Increase?

The increase in the amount of CRP produced in the liver occurs with the developments occurring in the body. In such cases, CRP may be a harbinger of some diseases.

There may be an increase in the amount of CRP before the occurrence of conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

The increase in CRP can be accepted as a sign of the increase in the amount of infection, especially in the body.

CRP can be measured high in conditions such as Crohn’s disease, inflammatory disorders, familial Mediterranean fever, rheumatoid, kawasaki disease.

There may be an increase in the amount of burns, fractures and trauma.

Surgical interventions (operation status), damage to organs and tissues can be associated with the height of the CRB.

In addition, in the case of cancer, smoking and being overweight, it is possible to see a high CRP.

The high amount in CRP tests does not necessarily mean that the above conditions occur. In order to be diagnosed, treatment must be done by specialist doctors.

How To Reduce CRP That Does Not Fall With Antibiotics?

Although CRP elevation is associated with inflammation, it may be a harbinger of different ailments. If it is diagnosed that the CRP levels are definitely increased due to infection, antibiotic treatment can be initiated by specialist doctors. However, in some cases, antibiotic treatment cannot prevent CRP increase.

This is because the high CRP is due to a different cause or the infection rate in the body is very high. In such cases, there may be different techniques followed by specialist physicians. If the disease has occurred for a different reason, treatment methods can be used to eliminate other ailments.

How is CRP Measured?

Measurement of the CRP ratio in the body is possible with blood tests. For this, your blood sample is taken in the laboratory and the rate of CRP concentration in the blood is calculated. Since the CRP test is not affected by conditions such as satiety or hunger, you can go to the hospital for the test whenever you want. Since the amount of CRP does not change instantly, it can be measured easily at any time. The CRP test does not require fasting on its own, but some tests that can be done along with it may require fasting.

Is CRP Increase Noticeable?

The increase in the amount of CRP cannot be felt directly. However, since some situations play a role in the increase in the amount of CRP, these symptoms should be looked at. In cases such as high body temperature, rashes, pain, fatigue, weakness, swelling, high CRP may be suspected. Such symptoms do not necessarily indicate CRP elevation. For this, tests must be done.

Can the amount of CRP be reduced?

It is not possible to reduce the amount of CRP directly. This is because the amount of CRP in the body occurs due to various ailments. If these diseases decrease or improve, the amount of CPR may decrease on its own. A healthy lifestyle is essential to lowering the rates of CPR.

To lower the amount of body CPR;

To get rid of excess weight in a healthy way,

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes as completely as possible,

Avoiding foods containing saturated fat and high calories,

Stay away from unhealthy products such as animal fats and butter,

To prefer low-fat products such as yoghurt, milk and cheese,

Consumption of red meat once a week, instead of focusing on white meat or fish,

Stay away from processed foods and exercise regularly,

Avoiding all products containing trans fat as much as possible can be listed as the precautions to be taken.

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