What is Colitis Disease?

Colitis, known in the medical language, is known as intestinal inflammation. Colitis disease, as a result of inflammation of the thin membrane inside the large intestine or the entire intestine, causes the intestine to not fulfill its function. Although the symptoms are noticed, if left untreated, they are likely to lead to fatal outcome.

Colitis Disease Symptoms

Providing information about the symptoms of colitis will benefit the readers. If these complaints are found, it will be important to consult a specialist. Symptoms;

– Fire,
– Diarrhea,
– Constipation,
– Flow formation in the rectum,
– Abdominal pain,
– trembling,
– Anemia,
– Inability of the liver to perform its functions,
– Burning and redness in the eye,
– Pain and swelling in the joint,
– Skin rash,
– Kidney or gallstones,
– Eye or skin inflammation,
– Anorexia,
– weight loss,
– Tiredness,
– It can be listed as fatigue.

What are Colitis Disease Treatment Methods?

Treatment methods in colitis vary according to the effects that cause discomfort. The first goal of drug therapy is to eliminate the effects that cause the disease. Medicines that provide rapid recovery from the ailment are given in an appropriate manner to the immune system. Treatment of colitis with drugs is done in steps. The drugs used, on the other hand, are among the drugs with the minimum level of side effects. Drinking plenty of water, water and fluid intake of people with colitis is an important factor in the successful outcome of the treatment.

Causes of Colitis

It is not fully known what causes more than one type of colitis. The most common cause of many types of colitis disease can be stated as inflammation of the colon due to bacteria such as parasites and viruses. These bacteria; It can be said that there are bacteria named E.Coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia, Campylobacter. However, these bacteria do not cause colitis in every person. Consumption of contaminated foods will cause colitis to be easily caught.

Entamoeba histolytica is the most well-known parasitic infection that causes colitis worldwide. This infection is easily transmitted to individuals who are infected and drink water. It is possible to be transmitted from one infected individual to another. Sometimes, conditions such as allergic conditions, inflammatory bowel diseases, decreased blood flow can cause colitis. Stressful life, smoking, genetic predisposition, environmental effects are another colitis causes. The factors that cause discomfort are very important in terms of understanding the category of the disorder.

Foods That Will Be Good For Colitis Disease

In the treatment of colitis, a balanced and regular diet is also very important in addition to the use of medication. Therefore, it is very important to follow the diet list until the disease is healed. With the consumption of plenty of probiotic yogurts, inflammation in the large intestine can be eliminated. It may also be beneficial to consume fish oil with the advice of a physician while treating colitis. Foods containing fiber such as soybeans, peas, lentils, peaches, cherries, almonds, oat bran, wheat, dried peaches should be included in the person’s meals frequently. In this way, the problem of constipation can also be solved.

Recommendations for Colitis Patients

Some recommendations to be given to colitis patients will be as follows;

– Not consuming foods containing milk and dairy products,
– Drinking plenty of fluids,
– Consuming a minimum of 2 liters of water during the day in order for the digestive system to work properly,
– Quitting smoking and alcohol,
– Eating little and often
Consumption of onions, refined sugar, chocolate, nuts, broccoli, popcorn, and fibrous foods can adversely affect ulcerative colitis. These foods that will increase diarrhea should not be consumed,
– If there is ulcerative colitis, fish should be consumed at least twice a week,
– It is very important to be examined periodically in order to obtain information about the condition of the disease,
– If the person has been diagnosed with spastic colitis by the physician, it is necessary to turn to sports such as meditation and yoga in order to relieve stress and tension.

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