There is only one treatment for type 1 diabetes, insulin is started immediately for the child. Children with type 1 diabetes can lead a normal and successful life when the necessary measures are taken and insulin hormone is replaced. On the other hand, children who do not mind the blood sugar balance and do not care about their nutrition will have permanent damage to the eyes, kidneys and nerves in the long term. The process may even result in organ loss.

Improving type 1 diabetes and getting rid of insulin therapy is the biggest longing of all diabetics. Unfortunately, today there is no treatment that will allow the pancreas to secrete insulin as before. The reason we say yet is that research is still ongoing on this subject. People with type 1 diabetes and their families have trouble accepting that diabetes is a permanent condition for life. They always expect a miracle to happen. However, if the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes is correct, a miracle is not possible. I strongly advise families to stay away from hope traffickers who say that various herbs cure diabetes.

Another important issue is that there is no surgery for Type 1 diabetes. It is thought that obesity surgery recommended for severely obese patients with Type 2 diabetes can also be used in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. This information is completely wrong. These surgeries do not work for people with Type 1 diabetes, but for those who are overweight with Type 2 diabetes.

There are no prohibitions and strict restrictions on the diet of children with Type 1 diabetes today. Children with diabetes can be fed like their peers. However, it is recommended to consume simple carbohydrates or sugary foods less or moderately. In the treatment of type 1 diabetes, a diet plan based on carbohydrate count is applied. In this way, children can both flexibly choose food and adjust their insulin doses precisely.

Studies on the use of stem cells in the treatment of type 1 diabetes are continuing, and it seems that there is a long time before it is put into daily practice. For this, there is no need to hide your brother’s cord or use his teeth. There have been significant advances in the treatment of type 1 diabetes over the past 20 years and the burden of diabetic children has decreased. However, we are still not very close to permanent treatment. We must continue to trust scientists and do the best that can be done today.

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