What is Calcification?

Discomforts that occur with the wear and tear of the cartilage tissue surrounding the bone ends over time are called calcification. Especially over time, if the right treatment is not applied, it stands out as a disease that can lead to serious situations. In this direction, accumulation in the joint may occur; the bones may break down or some inflammatory problems may be encountered in the region. Calcification is one of the main causes of joint diseases. It is one of the problems that occur mostly in the knees, hips and neck, as well as in the thumbs.

What Causes Calcification?

Calcification comes to the fore as a problem that occurs in the cartilage tissue that directly surrounds the joint. Especially with a large amount of wear of the tissue, it may occur that the bones begin to rub against each other. In this direction, calcification may occur due to certain reasons.

– Athlete injuries

– Some hereditary effects

– Overuse of joints

– Age factor

– Forcing the relevant area

– Inactivity

Due to these and similar reasons, calcification occurs over time. Especially after the age of 40, it is among the diseases that are common and can create serious conditions.

What Is Good For Calcification?

Calcification is generally among the irreversible diseases. However, with the right treatment methods, pain can be reduced or better mobility can be achieved. In this regard, certain methods come to the fore.

– Exercise movements that will increase strength and flexibility are very important.

– Physical therapy method can be applied.

– Weight can be lost to reduce the tension in the joint area.

– Treatment methods to be carried out under the control of a specialist doctor are the most important issue.

– A healthy diet and regular exercise should be given importance.

By handling these and similar applications individually, calcification can be significantly reduced. Thus, while living a much healthier life in advanced ages, the possibility of movement can become more effective at the same time.

How Does Calcification Pass?

Calcification passes with the application of a treatment method under the control of a specialist doctor, especially for the reduction of pain. In this context, drug, cream and lotion treatments come to the fore. Also, prescription pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs are very important in reducing pain and swelling. On the other hand, intra-articular local injection methods are also among the treatment methods.

When all these methods are ineffective, surgical methods are handled under the control of a specialist doctor. Plastic or metal parts are placed in the area of ​​damaged joints, especially through joint replacement surgery. This makes one’s daily life much more comfortable.

What are the Symptoms of Calcification?

Among the most curious subjects about this ailment, the symptoms of calcification come to the fore. Calcification, which stands out as a particularly insidious disease, shows its effect gradually and can become serious over time. In this respect, it is of great importance to consider some of the main symptoms and to be treated in a timely manner.

– Pain in the joints

– Joint stiffness problem

– Tenderness in the joint area

– Significant loss of flexibility

– Swelling in the joint area

– Squeaky sounds

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