What is Calcification?

Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease faced by millions of people around the world. It is a health problem that occurs with the erosion and wear of the cartilage tissue surrounding the ends of the bones over time. In cases where calcification problem is on the agenda, bad progress may occur over time and bones may break down. Along with this, it may start to accumulate in the joint. This situation causes an inflammatory process in the body and subsequent pain attacks.

In case of arthritis problem, your joints are mainly affected; Knee, waist, hip, neck and thumb joints. The possibility of risk increases too much due to various factors such as the age of the person, the presence of obesity problem, excessive use of joints and genetic predisposition.

Since arthritis pain is felt much more in the case of movement, it is recommended that the patient should rest sufficiently, not exhausting himself, and avoid movements that are subject to weight.

Causes Calcification?

Calcification is a health problem that occurs as a result of the erosion of the cartilage tissue surrounding the joints of the person’s body. If this cartilage tissue surrounding the bone ends is completely eroded, it may cause the bone to come to the bone friction point. Various factors such as obesity problem, hereditary effects, athlete injuries, excessive use of wet joints can cause calcification.

If the person maintains his ideal weight, arthritis problem in the knee, hip and waist can be prevented. Along with this, weight loss can have an effect that reduces the progression of arthritis. During athlete injuries, the risk of developing calcification is extremely high.

In the case of an inherited problem caused by genes in cartilage production, these joints may deteriorate more rapidly.

In addition, as a result of excessive use of some joints, the risk of calcification increases considerably. As the age of the person increases, the possibility of experiencing arthritis problem that may occur simultaneously increases.

What are the Symptoms of Calcification?

Calcification is a rather insidious disease that progresses. Accordingly, the symptoms develop very slowly and worsen over time. Symptoms may differ depending on which joint is affected at what level. The symptoms that can be seen in this context are as follows:

  • – Pain in joints during movement,
  • Stiffness in joints,
  • – Tenderness in joints and their surroundings,
  • – Squeaking sounds during the movement of the joints,
  • Swelling that can be seen around the joints,

How to Treat Arthritis?

Calcification problem is an irreversible discomfort, but it is possible to reduce pain thanks to treatment methods. In this way, better movement can be provided and the progression of the disease can be prevented. In this direction, the doctor the person applied to; Drug, cream and lotion treatments that reduce pain can be emphasized.

  • – Together with a physical therapist, an exercise plan can be made to strengthen the muscles around your joints and focus on movements to increase your flexibility.
  • – If there is an overweight problem, losing weight in this case will allow you to reduce the tension in your joints.
  • – It is possible to reduce the pain and swelling in the joints thanks to the anti-inflammatory and painkillers used as prescription.
  • – With the joint protection accessories recommended by the doctor, you can prevent movements that will increase your pain and increase your pain.
  • – Local injection applications to be made into the joint are also among the treatment options for patients with suitable qualifications.
  • – In cases where all the methods applied are ineffective, surgical operations are also included as an option.

Which Parts of the Body Arthritis Affects?

Although arthritis is a much more common health problem in joints working under load such as knee, waist, ankle and hip joints, it is a health problem that can be encountered in the shoulder, elbow, hand joints, wrist, and even jawbone.

What Are Calcification Complaints?

The most important symptom of arthritis problem is pain. These pains are felt as a result of rest of the patient decreases. As the age progresses, the pain that occurs as a result of calcification can be permanent and can become unbearable. In this direction, people may have serious difficulties in performing their daily rituals and may cause loss of function.

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