What Is Blind Acne, Why Does It Happen?

Pimples that do not give head and have no ends on the skin are called blind acne. These pimples in the lower layer of the skin are quite painful and uncomfortable. Blind acne types seen on the skin are different and disturbing than all other types of acne. Blind pimples, which have a lump-like appearance, have a red and swollen texture.

Oil, dirt and bacteria trapped in the pores cause blind pimples to appear. Blind pimples form under the skin in the form of bumps. Blind acne usually appears during puberty. Blind pimples occur during the use of heavy cosmetics and menstrual periods. Blind acne may appear under the skin in stress-induced emotional changes. Also, some changes in hormones can cause blind acne.

How Does Blind Acne Under the Skin, Nipple?

Some methods can be used to eliminate blind pimples that negatively affect the perception of beauty. Blind pimples can be removed, especially with hot tampons. Cotton or bandage should be soaked in hot water and wrung out thoroughly. In this way, hot tampons are applied on the blind acne.

When used as a tonic, apple cider vinegar, which has antiseptic properties, eliminates the infection in the acne area. Bacterial growth that will allow these acne to grow is also prevented. Aloe vera is used especially for the prevention of blind pimples.

Aloe vera should be applied on the acne at regular intervals. If aloe vera is used regularly, blind pimples will disappear within a few days. Aloe vera generally dries out blind pimples. Ready-made or home-grown aloe vera varieties penetrate deep into the skin, allowing blind pimples to disappear quickly.

What Should Be Done to Prevent Blind Acne?

Some routines should not be neglected in order to avoid blind pimples on the skin. In particular, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned. Dirt and bacteria in the pores cause blind pimples. For this reason, it is important that the skin is constantly clean. In addition, stress and worrying emotions should be avoided. The use of heavy cosmetic products also causes blind acne. For this reason, heavy cosmetic products should generally be avoided.

Permanent makeup can cause frequent blind acne on the skin. Blind pimples also occur in women before and during the period. These pimples will usually go away after a short time. Some heavy medications that prevent epilepsy also cause blind acne formation. High-dose drugs, especially those containing lithium, B12 and corticosteroids, should also be used with caution.

What should be done for blind acne that does not go away?

Blind pimples on the skin often go away on their own. It is applied by making natural methods at home to eliminate blind pimples that do not go away. In addition, inflammation creams that cause acne are also applied. In addition, acne spot creams can also be used. Blind pimples can also be removed with a warm compress. Warm compresses should be applied three times a day until the blind pimple begins. In some cases, ice compresses can also be done. Blind pimples can also be dried using natural methods. A specialist doctor should be consulted for blind pimples that do not go away for a long time. For this, the dermatologist applies the most appropriate treatment option after performing the necessary controls.

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