As the world struggles with the coronavirus epidemic, a new wave of disease has been alarmed in India. Black fungus can be life threatening, affecting the sinuses, brain and lungs. The eye disease “mucormycosis,” known as black fungus, was seen in people treated with Covid-19. Swelling and black lesions on the face are among the symptoms of infection. So, what is black fungal disease (mucormycosis), what are its symptoms? Here is the black fungal disease that worries India ..


With its medical name ‘Mucormycosis’, Black Fungus disease is a very rare infection. It is caused by exposure to mucor mold, which is often found in soil, plants, fertilizers, and decaying fruits and vegetables. Affecting the sinuses, brain and lungs, Black Fungus can be life-threatening in people with diabetes or severely weakened immune systems, such as cancer patients or people with HIV / AIDS.

Muromycosis, a rare and deadly condition also known as “black fungus,” is caused by naturally occurring molds known as muromycetes, which can kill people with a weak immune system. Symptoms of the disease include darkening or discoloration, blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties, and a bloody cough.


Indian doctors reported that the country has set a new record in the seven-day case rate.

Swelling and black lesions on the face are among the symptoms of infection. In some sources, it has been suggested that darkening or discoloration, blurred or double vision, chest pain may also be symptoms.

The infection enters a person’s bloodstream through a cut or the respiratory system and can spread to the heart, brain and lungs, as well as other vital organs.

Black fungus causes severe harm, especially to patients who have had COVID-19.

Experts state that the infection is triggered by the use of steroids in COVID-19 patients.

-The patient recovering from COVID-19 can die due to black fungus.

Doctors and health officials warn of the lack of amphotericin B antifungal medication needed to treat black fungal infections.


Doctors believe the outbreak was caused by steroids used in the treatment of severe Covid-19 because the drugs reduce immunity and raise blood sugar levels.

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