What Is Belly Button Pain? Why Does It Happen?

Some people may experience pain around the navel. These pains that occur in or around the belly button may recur continuously. Pain can be observed, especially when touching the area around the navel or applying any pressure. There are some reasons for the pain that occurs around the navel. One of these reasons is infectious diseases. Pain may become more severe due to some foods consumed during the day. Stomach infections can also cause pain around the navel.

People may experience belly pain due to any condition. When these pains are experienced, medication should not be used unconsciously. First of all, the severity of the pain and how long it lasts should be followed. Some pains are regional and may disappear in a short time. For these reasons, pain should be followed up. Doctors can be consulted for long-lasting belly button pain. In this case, doctors can do some tests by listening to the complaints of the patients. With these tests, it can be determined whether there is any underlying disease.

There can be many diseases that can cause belly button pain. These diseases may show other symptoms other than belly button pain. These symptoms must be heeded and how long they last should be followed. Doctors usually want to learn about the symptoms they show by listening to the history of the person. These symptoms make the disease easier to detect. Doctors can test the disease they suspect according to the symptoms shown and start the treatment method in a short time.

How Is Belly Button Pain Relief?

Belly button pain can have many causes. First of all, it should be determined whether there is any underlying disease in order to eliminate this pain. If people do not have different symptoms, doctors may apply a shorter treatment in this situation. The treatments to be applied are usually pain medication. However, if there is any risk of infection, antibiotic treatment can be added to the people.

This treatment process may vary depending on the underlying disease. Doctors can do some tests by observing these symptoms and determine which disease people experience these pains. Different drug treatments can be applied according to the detected disease.

Diseases Indicating Belly Button Pain

The belly button can indicate many diseases. When people experience belly button pain, many illnesses can be suspected. Because of these symptoms, he can go to doctors by getting worried. Pain in the belly button can be a symptom of some diseases. These diseases are as follows;

Urinary tract infection

Stomach infections


Some medications used

Belly button pain can be seen in many people as a symptom of these diseases. Especially urinary tract infections are a very serious health problem. These infections need to be treated in a short time.

Doctors may apply some treatment methods for infection in the urinary tract. These types of infections are an infection that affects people very negatively. It reduces the quality of daily life, causing people to experience a difficult process. These infections should be detected in a short time and the treatment process should be started.

Belly Pain Caused by Drugs Used

Many people may experience some symptoms after taking medication. These symptoms are known as side effects. Among the side effects, belly button pain can also be seen. Due to the drugs used, pain can be observed in the belly area. If these situations occur after each drug intake, a change of drugs may be requested by consulting doctors. Doctors can substitute substitute drugs for drugs that cause side effects.

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