It is seen that with modern medical methods, deliveries can be carried out in very comfortable and healthy environments. However, in some cases, difficulties may be experienced. For this, external medical intervention may be required. The situation of giving artificial pain is one of them.

What is Artificial Pain (Birth Induction)?

Entering the last stage of the birth process is completed with the birth of the baby in a healthy way. In order for this process to be completed under normal conditions, the mother must experience contractions and pains at the last stage. This situation is both a harbinger of the birth and a sign that the mother is now ready to give birth as a body.

However, in some cases, birth does not progress under normal conditions due to various reasons. In this case, doctors should make a medical intervention. This situation is called artificial pain, that is, labor induction. Artificial pain is not an intervention in every birth. For this reason, it is not possible to give artificial pain to every mother.

Why Is Artificial Pain Given At Birth?

The contraction process is the beginning of labor. However, for some reasons, especially expectant mothers with some diseases cannot experience pain despite the delivery period, so the process does not start. In case the time comes and the baby does not come out, artificial pain is given to help women to give birth.

Failure to deliver on time is also harmful for the mother and the baby. For this reason, it is imperative to perform artificial pain intervention from the outside in order to start the labor pain. The general reasons for the non-onset of labor pain can be listed as diseases such as hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes in the mother, babies in the womb, in cases where the baby cannot get enough nutrients and oxygen from the placenta, births that have not started within 24 hours despite water coming, and infections that have occurred in the uterus.

How Is Artificial Pain Done During Birth?

Pains are of great importance during birth. The occurrence of the contractions indicates the contractions in the cervix, that is, enlargement. In the event of this contraction and enlargement, the baby is born by finding a way out for itself. However, although these pains are not common, it can be seen that they do not occur. There are many methods of performing artificial pain intervention at birth. The most important point in creating artificial pain is to stimulate the body.

All the methods performed start to give birth with the pain of stimulating the mother and then the enlargement of the cervix. Considering the reason for not giving birth, these methods are applied to the mother. Artificial pain is formed by medicines, suppositories placed in the vagina, drugs to be given intravenously, rupture of the water bladder and stimulation by intervening in the nipple. While medications are given to cause pains that are not caused by certain diseases, it is ensured that pain occurs naturally, that is, by stimulation, in cases due to psychological effects.

Is Artificial Pain (Birth Induction) Harmful to Mother or Baby?

The decision to give artificial pain is taken by specialist doctors. In order to make this decision, obstetricians and internal medicine specialists make this decision by making certain tests. In particular, the examinations to be made for the mother’s cervix and the treatment to be applied to the analysis provide an important effect in drawing the path of the treatment.

Giving artificial pain does not harm the life of the mother and baby during and after birth. The infliction of artificial pain is an intervention that is necessary to perform a process that is not in natural conditions normally. The purpose of this intervention is to complete the birth process of the mother and baby in a healthy way.

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