What is Age 3 Syndrome?

The periods in which parents experience the most difficulties are the periods in which children experience 2 and 3 year old syndrome. Children start learning many things at this time. In this respect, it is necessary to pay special attention to children during this period. It is important to overcome this period, which is called the ‘self-discovery’ period of the child, very carefully.

This period, which is thought to be frightening, is actually a period in which the communication between parents and the child starts to get stronger. The child, who starts to learn new things, communicates with his parents more than usual and starts to acquire some new features in this direction.

For example: A child sometimes becomes very aggressive and sometimes experiences extremely emotional periods. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is that their children do not admit that they have found themselves in this process. Patient and conscious approaches will also have a significant impact on the mental development of the child who experiences 3-year-old syndrome.

What Are The Ways To Overcome Age 3 Syndrome?

There are several ways to get over age 3 syndrome mildly. These:

– Guide your child creatively to different activities.
– Hold your child.
– Avoid exaggeration when praising your child,
– Hang behavioral charts,
– Try to be consistent in your behavior towards your child,
Let your child think for a while.

How Should Parents Behave During the Age 3 Syndrome Process?

The most important element of raising your children, who are under the influence of 3-year-old syndrome, as emotionally healthy individuals, is that you can define your child’s needs well in a crisis. Why does your child pull you while you are busy or talking to your friend? Or why does your child try to take your cell phone away from you and keep you from your work? Try to welcome what your child is doing with calmness and take a break from what you are doing and try to understand why your child is crying by throwing himself on the floor.

If you have a child with 3-year-old syndrome who shouts as if he is crazy by throwing himself on the floor, the best thing you can do is to stay calm in such a situation. Of course, this is an extremely difficult situation. For this reason, it will be very difficult to implement this for many mothers and fathers. However, children often take an attitude that reflects the behavior of their parents. If you stay calm during the crisis, you teach your child that they can take control of their emotions in the future when they are faced with a problem.

Children in the age of 3 can use different ways to defend their independence. Try to let them do something on their own, even if there are behaviors that you do not like, to avoid going wrong.

The tastes of 3-year-olds can be a little strange when it comes to dressing. After all, your 3-year-old is not a fashion icon, let him dress as he wishes. The 3-year-old syndrome seen in children is a process that will not take long.

After all, your child is no longer 2 years old, but 3 years old. Your little one is constantly growing and on the way to maturity; but not enough. Therefore, your child may still need a nap in the afternoon. When your child is hungry, moodiness may increase even more. At this point, you should take care that your child is sufficiently rested and his stomach is full.

If you think patience is up to a point and you are yelling at your child as much as you can, at this point, it may be possible for you to do more harm to your child than you think. Maybe you can stop your child immediately when you shout, but it may be possible to benefit from him psychologically. It would also be of great benefit to show a positive attitude instead of yelling or giving corporal punishment to your child.

What are the Symptoms of Age 3 Syndrome?

Three-year-olds do not have a sense of time. There is no problem with their focus; but they only pay attention to what they want to focus on. It is not possible to force them to do anything.

Children with 3-year-old syndrome have big, strong emotions and try to express them. But these children are overwhelmed by being stuck between a desire for independence and confidence in their acquaintances.

Your 3-year-old asks too many questions to drive you crazy. Why is that? Why is that? Why is that? In fact, these are not questions of indulgence. They tend to ask a lot of questions just because they try to understand certain things. At this point, one should be very careful and avoid giving false information. The short and concise answers that will be given will satisfy him.

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