What Is A Brain Clot?

The occlusion of the vessels in the brain with embolism is called clotting. This situation can occur when there is a valve in the heart, infections, and tumors. The brain and heart are our most important organs. Clots may occur in the blood vessels that feed the brain and heart due to fat. Clotting is called “stroke” in the society. Stroke can lead to paralysis in people.

It is extremely important to eat a healthy diet and live a balanced life in terms of maintaining body health. Imbalanced nutrition and inactivity adversely affect heart health. Factors such as fats, meat, dough consumption and smoking damage the heart and veins.

On top of all these, a sedentary life has negative effects on health. Fat accumulating in the veins leaves the vein and causes clotting through the blood. As a result of clotting, the person may become paralyzed or die.

What Causes a Clot in the Brain?

High cholesterol ratio poses a life-threatening hazard. The fat accumulated in the veins travels through the blood and forms a clot. The reasons for clotting are due to the person’s body health. Diabetics and high blood pressure patients are at risk. Fat accumulating in the vessels reaching the heart and brain causes clots and this situation goes up to paralysis.

Can Clot In The Brain Be Prevented?

There may be different reasons for clotting in the brain. If these causes are diagnosed and treated in time, the problem can be prevented. Clotting can be seen in people with heart disease. Apart from that, tumors or infections in the body may cause clotting. If diseases caused by clots are detected, it can be prevented by early diagnosis.

What are the Symptoms of Clot Break?

Some symptoms may occur during clotting. When these symptoms are mild, they can be ignored. Some of these symptoms are;

Having trouble seeing


Hearing loss

Speech problems

Detection Problems

Loss of strength in hands and feet

Treatment of Clot Removal

When the brain vessels are damaged due to embolism, it is called clotting. If people have regular medical checks, it may be possible to prevent some diseases. With early diagnosis, it can prevent clotting. With Detection, people can create a diet program accordingly. In addition, they must determine their lifestyle accordingly. Damages that may occur are prevented with the necessary precautions.

High blood pressure or diabetics should pay attention to their diet.

Care should be taken to perform cardiological examinations on time and regularly.

People should pay attention to a healthy diet. Especially in the belly area, fat formation should be prevented.

Regular sports should be done. Exercising lowers the cholesterol ratio.

Drinking plenty of water

The use of compression stockings by those who have varicose problems

Persons at Risk of Throwing Clots

Some people may be more prone to clotting because of the ailments they experience. People of this nature should pay more attention to their health. Early intervention is extremely important in throwing clots to the brain. The results of clotting vary according to the occluded situation.

Those with weight problems should get rid of their weight as soon as possible.

People with a tendency to have blood emboli

People hospitalized due to infection

COPD patients

People with asthma problems

Patients who have to live bedridden

People struggling with cancer

Patients receiving treatment in the intensive care unit

People who are pregnant

Patients who have undergone a long-term operation

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