Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank made a statement regarding the ‘Intranasal Covid’ vaccine applied as a nasal spray, which Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that Phase-1 studies will be initiated with the initiative of Turkish scientists. In April, it was announced that it will begin human trials on the Intranasal vaccine. Minister Varank announced that they expect this new type of vaccine to be available within the year if all clinical stages are completed.


As an intranasal word; means intranasal, in the nose, (en) Intranasal. It is the treatment method through the intranasal nose. The drugs are used IN route.


Varank, “Scientists operating under the umbrella of nanography are developing an innovative type of vaccine to be applied as a nasal spray, unlike conventional vaccines. METU, Hacettepe, Gazi University in Ankara and infrastructure, skills and scientific progress, Turkey’s first indigenous intranasal vaccine development work with the contribution of academic experience. Unlike mRNA and inactive vaccine technology, this vaccine was designed as protein-based. Since the vaccine administered through the nose follows the path in which the virus infects people, it is predicted that this technology will fight the virus more effectively. This type of vaccine has the potential to remodel very quickly in the case of mutation and to strengthen our hand in the possible further course of the epidemic. “ he spoke.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made the following statements in his statement on his social media account:

“There are other developments to be listed regarding the domestic vaccine: Briefly, I can cite an Inactive vaccine that started Phase I human studies and another Inactive vaccine that needs a few days to switch to Phase 1 studies as two examples. In addition to these, the following development is extremely remarkable. : Because there is a new technique in the vaccine. In this new technique, it is aimed to apply the vaccine as a nasal spray. Phase 1 studies of this vaccine, which is called the intranasal Covid vaccine, will start very soon. 250 million doses of this vaccine, which has an extremely high efficiency, will be produced in only one facility per year.

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