In the second part of the series Innocence, the character Ela, played by İlayda Alişan, met İlker for the first time in the courtroom. However, İlker’s lawyer stated that Ela had all this in his mind and that Ela was an erotomanic. After this scene, the concept of erotomania became a curiosity. Well, does it mean erotomania too? What is the series of innocence erotomania, what are the symptoms?


Known colloquially as “Eros disease”, “erotomania” is known as unrequited, obsessive, and platonic love, and is a delusional disorder in which a person believes someone is in love with him. The delusion of the person in erotomania is systematic and continuous. The “victim” who is considered to be in love is usually a celebrity or a high-status person, but can also be other people or acquaintances. Erotomania, also known as ‘Clerambault Syndrome’, was defined as ‘a disorder caused by unrequited love’. But in the 20th century it was changed to ‘don’t think someone is in love with you’. Among the people, erotomania is called ‘Eros disease’ and it is usually seen in women.


The erotomanic person thinks that he is loved and loves very much, but for various reasons his lover cannot reveal this and has to move away, believes that his lover loves him madly, and somehow obsesses that his lover is not able to explain these feelings, that he simply implies that he cannot openly tell him, although he gives him opportunities, but that he understands and is sure. She thinks about how to get her lover to confess, and has a strong belief that her lover is secretly communicating with her.

He never accepts any explanation that says his love is a lie, thinks that his lover is making love, and therefore often decides to hide his forbidden love from everyone. Erotomania can present as a primary mental illness or a symptom of another psychiatric illness. Secondary erotomania is caused by other mental disorders such as erotomanic delusions, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Symptoms can also occur with alcoholism and antidepressant use.

The main symptom of the disease is that the suffering person has an unwavering belief that another person is secretly in love with him. In some cases, the sufferer may believe that several people are “secret fans” at the same time. Often times, the individual has the delusions of being loved by an inaccessible person, who is usually an acquaintance, or someone that this person has never met. The patient may also experience other types of delusions concurrent with erotomania.


Treatment starts with therapy first and can be supplemented with medication if needed. Normally, individuals can get rid of these delusions depending on the duration of therapy. However, if bipolar disorder underlies erotomania, a different treatment or medication can be used.

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