After the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca announced that the vaccine supply was getting harder for the next two months, the minds were “When will Sputnik V come into play?” question occurred. After the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca said that “Sputnik V vaccine will be activated very soon”, eyes were turned to this vaccine.

Using the flu virus, which has been rendered harmless to carry a small part of the coronavirus to the body, similar to the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine developed in the UK and Belgium’s Janssen vaccine, Sputnik V stands as an important alternative in an environment where countries have difficulty in vaccination supply. 57 countries around the world have approved the vaccine, which is easier to distribute because it does not have to be stored at very low temperatures and is relatively inexpensive with a $ 10 label compared to its competitors.

So far, approximately 30 million doses of Sinovac and 5 million 300 thousand doses of BioNTech vaccine have come to the country. A total of 22 million 400 thousand people were vaccinated. Of these, 13 million 600 thousand were announced as the first dose, and more than 8 million as the second dose. While a 100 million dose vaccine contract was made with Sinovac, this figure was announced as 30 million in BioNTec in June. Minister Koca announced that Sputnik V had signed an agreement to receive 50 million doses within 6 months.


Russian vaccine to be produced in Turkey in the coming months to solve the vaccine problem The ‘bulk’ solution to Sputnik V It was learned that it was brought. Bringing the Russian vaccine in ‘bulk’ in May, before its production in Turkey (to send the vaccine in small tanks without bottling), It is planned to be bottled and quickly applied to the citizens. The fact that vaccines are in the form of ‘bulk’ will increase the speed of vaccination is also among the issues addressed by the authorities. ‘Bulk’ means that vaccines are sent in small tanks and they reach the country at 2-8 degrees.

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