Dr. Ali Fuat Şaşoğlu stated that he removed many foreign objects that escaped to the ear during his 17-year career and collected the insects and objects he removed. Şaşoğlu also photographed butterflies, flies, play dough inside the ear, sea sand and ants that look like a sand pit in the ear.

Stating that foreign body intrusion will cause serious damage in the ear, Şaşoğlu said, “Foreign bodies in the ear should be divided into two. Alive and non-living. If the objects that escape into the ear have escaped unconsciously, this is usually accidental or live animals. The other is that people can escape while confusing their ears. If they cross the outer ear canal and go towards the eardrum, they may cause a hole in the eardrum, damage to the facial nerves in the middle ear, hearing loss and severe dizziness. ” said.

Giving examples of foreign bodies he removed from the ear, Dr. Şaşoğlu said, “I took out a butterfly. It was a really big butterfly. The person was in his ear while he was barbecue, of course, he cannot come back. As he flapped his wings, he went further. Fly, ants, these are the creatures we often see that escape to the ear. In lifeless ones, I removed a progressive grass, a piece of hazelnut branch specific to Düzce, which we call awn. Play dough in children, the clock battery, the most dangerous is the clock battery. Foreign objects we often see. I had a patient again. Not as a foreign body, but thought he had driped medicine in his ear, and he dropped glue. It has become a complete reinforcement when it is frozen with bristles and feathers in the ear. The ear moved in a mass. It was interesting too. ” said.

Dr. Şaşoğlu spoke as follows:

“I say it especially because it is relevant to the region. In the coming months, hazelnut orchards will start to be cleaned with a scythe engine. I recommend it to be protected in the ears while face shield. Because foreign bodies, both living and non-living, often escape from the ear during the scythe stage. In addition, we have the summer season ahead of us. Sea sand as a foreign body in the ear, especially in children, is a very common situation with waves in places where people go to the sea. They should not enter rough seas as much as possible. Or when they feel a foreign body in the ear, I suggest that they do not tamper with it and consult an otolaryngologist. “

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