What Causes Warts?

The main cause of wart formation is the human papilloma virus called HPV. In other words, it is an infection caused by human papillomaviruses called HPV. There are more than a hundred types of the HPV virus mentioned. HPV, the Human papilloma virus, affects the cells in the upper part of the skin and thus causes the proliferation of cells and the reproduction of keratins. Warts are usually formed according to the skin color of people. Only two types of warts are not caused by HPV. These are navel warts and seborrheic warts. Both of these wart types are not true warts.

How Does the Wart Pass?

Normally, most warts are not harmful to the human body and can go away on their own without any treatment. However, warts that are irritating or that appear in the genital area need to be treated. If there is bleeding or inflammation in the warts, if it is seen together with other skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, if it is a wart of the molluscum contagiosum type known as umbilical wart, if there is age-related seborrheic warts as it can be confused with some types of skin cancer, a specialist skin doctor should be consulted.

There are different methods that are preferred under the supervision of a doctor for the warts to pass in a healthy way. These methods differ according to the type, size, number and location of the wart. The most used methods in wart treatments:

– Medicines containing salicylic acid solution

– Freezing method called cryotherapy

– Burning with cautery (electrocauterization)

– Surgical methods such as laser therapy

A specialist dermatologist should be consulted without waiting for the warts in the genital area to go away on their own.

What are the Good Things for Warts?

Isotretinoin, a vitamin A taken orally, can be used for flat warts. In addition, nutritional supplements such as omega-3, zinc and beta glucan are recommended to strengthen immunity. The drugs used in the form of application to remove the warts dissolve the warts and strengthen the immunity of the skin. There are also some natural treatments that are good for warts. Among these natural methods, the most commonly preferred ones are; garlic lemon method, aspirin and yogurt mix, Aloe vera and apple cider vinegar recipe.

Do Warts Recur?

In some people, the wart does not recur because the HPV virus becomes passive after treatment. In some people, warts may appear again due to a weak immune system. When faced with recurrence, it is recommended to take measures to strengthen immunity after treatment.

Causes of Recurrence of Warts

The main reasons for the recurrence of warts can be listed as follows:

– Suspension or irregular continuation of treatment when the sick person should have followed the treatment program regularly.

– The wart is included in an HPV type such as HPV 16, which is in the high-risk group.

– Having and continuing a busy and stressful life of the sick person.

– Finding a source of contamination in public areas.

– Decreased body resistance of the sick person (anemia, chronic infections, parasites, atopic structure, nutritional disorder, kidney failure and immunodeficiency and similar discomfort conditions)

– Having an allergic body.

– Continuing the habit of nail biting.

– Reuse of items such as slippers, towels and shoes that come into contact with the wart without being cleaned and sterilized.

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