Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department Uzm. Dr. Yonca Bavlı Eren stated that with the increase of time spent at home with the pandemic, using technological products such as phones, tablets and TV in a fixed position for a long time caused an increase in neck pain. Eren said, “Neck pain can spread to the back of the head, one or both sides around the shoulder, arm and front of the chest.

Along with neck pain, numbness in the arm and hand, loss of strength, dizziness, loss of balance and headache can be seen. The most common causes of neck pain are muscle spasm in the neck, neck hernia and neck calcification. The bones in our neck, the structures (discs) that provide the relationship between the bones, the muscles attached to the bones, tendons and the structural problems of the spinal nerve passing through the vertebrae can cause pain. Neck pain can also be seen in some rheumatic diseases and infections. However, more than 80 percent of the pain is related to the muscles and especially to the muscle spasm, “he said.

Expressing that the neck is the most mobile part of the spine and has a complex joint structure, Uzm. Dr. Yonca Bavlı Eren said, “The spinal nerve passes through the cervical spine structure, which consists of 7 vertebrae from the base of the neck and the disc between them, and the muscles support it.

The neck is responsible for carrying our head, ensuring the movement of the head and protecting the spinal cord, nerves and blood vessels that pass from the head to the body. Neck carries the head and neck health is important in terms of balance. The healthy neck has a slight slope. If this inclination is distorted, wear begins on the spine and neck and arm pain begins. “The pain spreads to the head, shoulders, back, arms and hands,” he said.

Noting that neck stiffness and limitation of neck movements are common complaints, Uzm. Dr. Eren said that pain in a single point in the neck or the spread of this pain along a line, numbness in the arms, tingling, sensory defects and loss of strength may be accompanied by the spreading pain, headache and dizziness due to neck pain are also complaints that affect the daily life of the patients.

Exp. Dr. Yonca Bavlı Eren said the following:

“Neck pain, as a result of examinations and detailed inquiries in patients who come to our physical therapy outpatient clinic, is the most common picture of neck muscle spasms. Stress, fatigue, cold weather, misuse (due to mistakes made while watching TV, using phones and tablets), and due to professional situations (especially office workers, housewives) are the most common causes of muscle spasm due to posture disorder (especially in children in sitting and lying positions) Examination is sometimes sufficient for neck pain due to muscle spasm.

However, in case of any other problem that we suspect during the examination, we make the diagnosis by requesting imaging methods (X-ray, MRI, CT), EMG examination for nerve damage, and necessary blood tests in cases of rheumatic and infection. Medical treatment required for pain (painkillers, antirheumatic drugs, muscle relaxants) is planned and rest is especially recommended. If necessary, rest can be supported with a neck collar. If necessary, pain can be treated using physical therapy methods.

Afterwards, it is very important for the patient to take measures for the causes that cause neck pain and muscle spasm. Many simple but careful measures such as not sleeping on a pillow with a high protection from the cold, correcting the sitting position, keeping the computer screen at eye level, not looking at the phone and tablet in a fixed position for a long time, not speaking by holding the phone between the shoulder and head are the necessary warnings for the patient not to trigger neck pain. “

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