What Causes Left Groin Pain?

Groin pain can occur for many reasons, from urinary tract infection to ovarian cyst. Left groin pain can occur for many reasons. These pains, which can occur in both groins, affect human life negatively. Left groin pain may occur due to hernia in men. In addition, among other reasons that cause left groin pain, kidney stones and sand shed can occur due to testicular tumor, swelling of lymph nodes and muscle strains in people who shed sand.

Left groin pain in women can be caused by disorders in the reproductive organs, urinary tract infections, appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy, uterine and ovarian problems, and skeletal system diseases.

Is Groin Pain Dangerous?

Prolonged muscle pain can be dangerous and herald various illnesses. Among the most common causes of right groin pain, hip arthritis may occur due to femoral hernia, enlarged lymph nodes, kidney stones, hip fracture and inguinal hernia. In men, these pains, swelling of lymph nodes, kidney stones, inguinal hernia and swelling in testicles occur. Severe groin pain during pregnancy must be checked by a specialist.

How Does Groin Pain Go?

Once the main cause of groin pain has been identified, it should be treated. The underlying cause of the pain should be investigated and identified, and the most appropriate treatment should be applied. Drug treatment for groin pain is among the most preferred treatment methods.

In particular, pain relievers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen are very effective drugs on groin pain. If the cause of the pain in the groin area is spasm of the muscles in the groin area, you can relieve the pain by using muscle relaxant pills and creams. Hormone-containing drugs may be useful in the treatment of pain caused by hormonal changes during the menstrual period or the days of ovulation. Surgical intervention may be required in the treatment of some diseases that cause pain in the groin.

Causes of Groin Pain in Men

Groin pain in men is a very common health problem. Groin pain is caused by stretching of the muscles, ligaments, or tendons. Groin pain in men is caused by straining the muscles in the pelvic area. Therefore, the most appropriate treatment method should be applied by determining the underlying cause of groin pain. The main causes of common groin pain in men,

Sperm buildup
Muscle strain
Avulsion fracture
Urinary tract inflammation
Stress fractures
Muscle strain
Avask├╝ler nekroz
Kidney stones
Testicular diseases

Causes of Groin Pain in Women

Groin pain is more common in women of reproductive age. These pains can occur due to problems arising from the ovaries and uterus. However, the causes of groin pain in women may be indicative of many other diseases. In order for groin pain to be treated properly, the underlying cause of groin pain must be determined. In this way, the physician determines a treatment method according to the underlying cause of the pain. Problems causing groin pain in women;

Herniated disc
Intestinal inflammation
Ectopic pregnancy
Intrauterine inflammation
Inflammation of the lymph nodes
Painful menstrual period
Ovarian cysts
Inflammation of the ovaries
Hip inflammation
Neural bowel spasm
Hip pain
Chocolate cyst
Problems caused by the skeletal system
Inflammation of the tubes
Strain in the groin

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