When soft tissues become inflamed, pain sensation occurs and joint movements are restricted. This inflammation is not a germ-related inflammation. It is a result of the body’s effort to heal. It can be caused by autoimmune diseases or is aggravated by unconscious diet.

What are the symptoms in a painful joint?

Swelling in the joints, pain without swelling, redness and stiffness on the skin surface covering the joints, Various movement and gait disorders due to pain, difficulty in moving the aching joint.

What are the causes that trigger joint pain?

In most of the patients; Weather changes have been found to increase the symptoms of arthritis. Women are more sensitive to changes in weather than men. Pain in inflammatory joint rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis); from barometric pressure and temperature, osteoarthritis (calcification); temperature, rain, barometric pressure and fibromyalgia; it is affected by barometric pressure. It has been found that low temperature increases the risk of joint pain. Stress is also known to increase pain. Inflammation-promoting effects of floury foods and milk are mentioned. Long-term stability also causes pain.

In which age group is it seen?

Although it can be seen at any age, mostly rheumatic diseases are common between the ages of 30 and 50, and arthritis-style pain increases with age.

In short, the diagnosis and treatment of joint pain?

It is important to consult a specialist so that joint pain does not alleviate within a few days, so that it does not cause damage to the joints. Swelling in the joint is mostly caused by inflammation. Blood tests can be used to check whether there is any inflammation in the joint. In addition, MRI (magnetic resonance) and CT (computed tomography) examinations can be performed to investigate accompanying diseases.

After the health screenings deemed necessary by the specialist, the results obtained are evaluated and the disease causing the pain is diagnosed and the treatment process is planned accordingly.

In the treatment of joint pain, besides the symptomatic treatment to alleviate the pain and the associated disadvantages, additional treatment should be applied for the disease that causes the pain. Hot springs are recommended. Since excess weight will cause joint fatigue and degeneration, it is very important to control weight. Therefore, preventing excessive weight gain is an important treatment method. Antibiotics may be recommended for pain caused by joint inflammation.

In some patients, calcium and vitamin D supplements can be used to support bone and joint repair. Apart from these, it is beneficial to adapt to a regular exercise plan in order to adopt a mobile lifestyle in order to prevent diseases that cause joint pain before they occur. Before the exercises to be done, warm-up movements should be done in order to prevent the strain of the muscles and joints. Since the risk of joint pain in people working at a desk is very high, it is necessary to stand up and walk around for a while as often as possible during work hours, and small exercises that can be done in a chair should be applied.

Suggestions against joint pain?

Instead of waiting for the pain to go away on their own, you should start your treatment process according to the diagnosis determined by your doctor as soon as possible. In this way, you can prevent your disease from progressing and causing permanent results, and you can ensure a healthier life in future ages.

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