What Causes Hand Wrist Pain?

Wrist can be painful for various reasons. The events that happen to the individual and his / her story on this subject are also important for the development of pain. Generally speaking, wrist pain causes are as follows:

Swelling may occur in the wrist as a result of the infection. This swelling can cause hand wrist pain.

Sprain is the most common event that causes pain in the wrist. A sprain may occur in the wrist as a result of an accident. This sprain can cause long or short-term pain.

There are ligaments around the ankle joints. These ligaments can hurt in a sudden movement or for some other reason. This strain can cause pain. It may even restrict the movements of the hand for a while.

Generally, wrist pain occurs in two ways. The first is due to the structures within the joint and the second is due to extra-articular reasons.

Most of the pain occurs due to the structures within the joint. Due to the intra-articular structures, the ligaments that hold the small bones of the wrist together may be damaged.

The soft tissue between the wrist and forearm bones can be torn, which is an event that occurs due to intra-articular structures.

Wrist bones can be broken as a result of an accident. This causes pain. This pain is a problem that occurs due to intra-articular structures.

Impaired circulation and the formation of fluid-filled cysts originating from the joints can also cause pain in the wrist. This situation is related to the structures within the joint.

There are also some reasons among non-joint causes. These reasons are the phenomenon of compression of the nerves that provide the sensation of the hand while passing through the wrist. In addition to this event, other causes and tightness in the beam structures also constitute the causes of extra-articular pain.

How can hand wrist pain be prevented?

Many people can do a deep investigation into how it will go away when they experience wrist pain. Of course, the right thing is to apply to specialist physicians. Especially individuals dealing with sports often encounter these pains as a result of being hit.

Wrist pain can be alleviated with different methods to be applied to the wrist. The prevention points are as follows:

The most common method is to put ice in a cloth and apply it to the painful area.

Individuals can prevent movement by wrapping the painful area to increase their chances of recovery.

It should not be too hard when the wrist hurts. With this condition, it can be slightly squeezed by handling a tennis ball.

For wrist pain, this can be relieved by using the above methods. Of course, some individuals may experience severe wrist pain. As a result of tendon inflammation, as a result of heavy blows, arthritis and sports with unconscious movements, the pain in the wrist may be much more severe.

How Are Wrist Pain Relief?

Both ankle and wrist pains are pains that make daily life difficult for people. For this, people can make general practices in their lives. As a result, the pain is made a little lighter. Ice application is the method used frequently in wrist pain.

There is a trick to know about ice application. It is correct to apply ice to the aching wrist for a maximum of 15 minutes. It should not exceed 15 minutes. Also, if the pain becomes more severe than normal, ice application should be stopped immediately. Ice application is a suitable method for mild wrist pain.

Along with ice application, bandage wrapping is another method that people frequently use in wrist pain. Bandage wrapping can also relieve pain.

Information About Hand Wrist Pain Treatment

Whatever the cause of the pain, wrist pain can be reduced or alleviated. These methods can be applied at home. But the correct and important thing is to make a diagnosis. This is done by the expert doctors in the safest way.

The history of the patients with wrist pain is rested by the doctor, and if a surgical application is not required, it is usually supported by rest, medication, physical therapy or exercises. Cold or hot applications can be given to the patient by the doctor. For this purpose, a physician should be consulted for the correct treatment method.

Things To Pay Attention To Those Who Suffering From Wrist Pain

There are some points that people who experience pain in the wrist for any reason should pay attention in general. These points are as follows:

Repetitive movements that force the wrist can be avoided.

Movements in which the wrist can remain constantly bending can be avoided or work can be interrupted for a while.

You can take frequent breaks and rest while doing manual work. This rest can relieve pain. For example, there may be a break while writing.

The wrist can be kept straight and slow movements can be made without over tightening the fingers.

You can pay attention to using your forearm and arm instead of using only the wrist in wrist related work.

In order to relieve the wrist pain completely, he can perform a short rest by using a wrist support.

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