What Causes Constipation During Pregnancy?

Constipation in pregnant women; It is thought to occur due to the pressure of the uterus in the intestines and expanding, and hormones that relax the intestinal muscles. Relaxation of the intestinal muscles causes waste and food to move through the system more slowly. Sometimes iron supplements can cause constipation. If iron supplements are used, it is important to drink plenty of water.

There are many causes of constipation during pregnancy. Among them, the most important reason is that some hormones secreted during pregnancy slow down bowel movements. It is possible for bowel movements to slow down if the muscles of the enlarged uterus relax. Apart from supplements such as iron used during pregnancy, mineral and vitamin supplements can also cause constipation, although it varies from person to person. Apart from this, it is possible for the intestines to work more slowly due to the limitation of movement specific to the pregnancy period.

How Is Constipation During Pregnancy?

Diseases such as hemorrhoids and fissures may develop at the beginning of the diseases that occur during pregnancy. Due to these diseases, the rectum becomes lazy over time as a result of the delay of stool due to situations such as feeling cold, pain, and delaying the toilet. In addition, as a result of excessive straining, the nerves are damaged and the problem of constipation turns into a problem. The most convenient way to solve the constipation problem is for expectant mothers to defecate at the same time every day. The expectant mother should get used to this situation. However, while the toilet needs are met, the expectant mother should find the most ideal position for herself.

expectant mothers; Factors that cause infrequent going to the toilet as a result of painful defecation such as hemorrhoids and anal fissures should be treated. Oral medications and diet plans do not play an important role in the treatment. The best solution to this situation is to make small enemas with the effort of the pregnant woman. Enemas are repeated every other day until normal reflexes are established. Apart from the factors that increase constipation caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy; A sedentary lifestyle, consuming foods that are low in fiber and low in fiber, drinking a small amount of water cause constipation to increase. It is recommended to diet in order to reduce the diseases caused by constipation.

Women with constipation problem; Consuming all kinds of vegetables and fruits, eating a lot of pulpy and fibrous foods, eating olive oil and starchy meals and drinking plenty of water helps to increase bowel movements. Apart from this, in order to reduce the symptoms of constipation, apricot or plum compote can be made and drunk. Consuming a few dried figs or apricots often reduces the symptoms of the condition. Bowel movements can also be accelerated by drinking a glass of warm water in the morning. Fissures and hemorrhoids diseases; It should be noted that there are diseases that develop with constipation. Therefore, it is very important to get a toilet habit constantly and at the same time. For constipation problems;

– Exercising is very important. Taking plenty of walks will help speed up bowel movements.

– All kinds of fibrous foods can be consumed in abundance.

– Consumption of dried fruits such as dried apricots and dried figs is among the conditions that are good for the problem of constipation. However, it can be stated that it will be good for constipation if consumed by making every compote.

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