The most common side effect after the coronavirus vaccine is pain and swelling in the vaccinated arm. It is known that arm pain after vaccination passes in a short time. Experts report that the side effects pass in a short time. But when does the arm pain after the coronavirus vaccine go away?

What are the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine?

Swelling and pain at the injection site
Muscle pains,
Joint pain
Fever is more common after the second dose.

How does arm pain go away after vaccination?

As with many vaccines, arm pain is experienced in the coronavirus vaccine. If you experience pain, redness or swelling in the area where the vaccine was injected, raising your vaccinated arm first will help alleviate side effects. However, you can apply cold to the vaccination site, but do not put the ice directly on your arm. A towel soaked in cold water will be more suitable for you.
Experts advise against taking pain medication for 24 hours after vaccination. After the first 24 hours, using a pain reliever containing paracetamol will help relieve your pain.

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How do coronavirus vaccine side effects go?

Another common side effect is fatigue. For this, if possible, it will be good to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids.
While adequate fluid consumption and rest are beneficial in case of mild fever and chills, it is recommended to take painkillers containing paracetamol after the specified period.
If a headache develops within a week after the vaccination, it will be sufficient to take a pain reliever containing only paracetamol.
Rest, adequate fluid intake and pain relievers containing paracetamol are recommended for muscle and joint pain.
If diarrhea and vomiting develop within a week after the vaccination, it will be beneficial to take liquid and food by mouth in order to maintain the electrolyte balance.


You should seek medical advice if the following conditions occur after vaccination:

If you think you have had an allergic reaction. Call 000 if you experience serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, wheezing, rapid heartbeat, or congested.

If you are concerned about a potential side effect or if new or unexpected symptoms occur.

If an expected side effect of the vaccine still hasn’t gone away after a few days.

You can contact your regular health care provider (usually your family doctor) for non-emergency symptoms.

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