Expressing that there are many forms of acne, Dermatology Specialist Uzm. Dr. Hikmet Orbay said, “Acne is a chronic skin problem that occurs on the shoulders, back, neck, chest and upper arms, especially on the face. There are many forms of acne, especially acne, blackhead, cyst and nodule. The first appearance of acne usually occurs during adolescence. The reason for this is that oil-producing structures called sebaceous glands in the skin become active at this age. Although this situation is not considered dangerous, it can negatively affect the appearance of the skin and result in cosmetic concerns. Acne can occur at any age. However, it is observed that it especially affects individuals between the ages of 12-24.


Orbay said, “Clogging of the pores in the skin due to oil, dead skin cells and bacteria is effective in the emergence of acne” and used the following statements:

“These pore structures are the part of the hairs on the skin that open to the surface. At the root of the hair, there is a structure called a hair follicle and accompanying small sebaceous glands. The secretions produced from the sebaceous glands continue along the hair, reach the pore structures and are thrown to the skin surface from there. Thus, both the hair fiber and the skin are moisturized and softened. Problems occurring at any point in this moisturizing process can result in the development of acne. Causes such as too much oil secretion from gland structures in the follicles, accumulation of dead skin cells in the pores or bacterial growth in these openings are the causes of acne and acne development. There may be a predisposition to the development of acne in some individuals. Hormonal changes, the use of certain medications, excessive consumption of products containing processed carbohydrates, or the presence of other members of the family with this complaint are the main risk factors associated with acne.


Pointing out that the symptoms of acne formation can vary, Orbay said, “The symptoms that occur with the development of acne vary according to the type of lesion that occurs. Acne lesions caused by clogged pores are pimples. Lesions that occur when the pores are open show themselves as blackheads. There is an inflammation area at the end of these structures, which form as small, red and tender bumps. Sometimes larger and painful lesions called nodules may occur instead of small pimples. Acne can also occur on the forehead, chest, upper back or shoulders in some individuals, apart from the face.


Emphasizing that the most basic formula to prevent acne formation is personal hygiene, Orbay said, “In acne cases with simple acne, it may be beneficial to give importance to skin hygiene and to prefer the non-pore-occlusive cosmetics used. In cases that cannot be controlled by these methods, it is aimed to eliminate bacteria, which is among the causes of acne, by using various drugs, to clean dead skin cells and to reopen the pores. In cases of symptomatic acne, if the complaints cannot be controlled with other treatment methods, drugs based on vitamin A can be applied. These drugs can be quite successful, but care should be taken because of the serious side effects that may occur.

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