What are the Harms of Technology to Health?

The unconscious use of technology can lead to various health problems, especially in children. Some of these problems are,

Mental Impairment: Spending too long in front of the phone, tablet and computer causes attention deficit and concentration impairment. This situation negatively affects the educational life and all social life of the child. Of course, it is not right to hold technology alone for this situation. The main reason for this is the unconscious use of technology. Technological developments are produced for human benefit. For this reason, using technology at the right amount at the right time is not harmful but a useful use.
Social Skills Disorder: A child who constantly plays games at the computer starts to live disconnected from reality. As a result of this process, their social skills are significantly reduced. The child, who does not have enough communication and interaction with his environment, tries to meet all his needs in a virtual environment.
Anger and Fear: Children can be exposed to spooky characters like Momo in any cartoon or video they watch without you realizing it. For children who are too old to fully distinguish between reality and imaginary, these characters can be frightening and affect their psychology negatively. Children exposed to such characters may fear being alone, hesitate to go to the toilet alone, and often have nightmares at night. Similarly, violent videos can push the child to be angry.
Technology Addiction: Technology addiction, which occurs due to excessive use of technology, causes people to experience deprivation and feel uneasy when they cannot access technology. A person addicted to technology feels unhappy whenever he or she is not using the internet and spending time with a computer.

Can Physical Damages of Technology Be Prevented?

The harms of technology do not only affect people mentally and psychologically. Sitting still in front of the device by allocating the time that needs to be devoted to physical activities such as walking, running and jumping affects muscle development negatively. At the same time, the child who cannot burn enough calories may face obesity problem. There are also physical damages to exposure to technology for a long time. In particular, negativities such as looking at a TV or computer for a long time in wrong sitting positions, using a tablet or phone, bring some physical problems. These are;

Eye and vision disorders
Significant deterioration in the skeletal structure of the body
Neck pains
Numbness in hands, arms and fingers

Stay Away From Cyber ​​Bullying!

You may also encounter many security problems and cyberbullying caused by excessive use of technology. Children can be exposed to various bullying and abuse in games and applications with online communication features. Malicious people can access a lot of information about the child and his family in various ways.

Benefits of technology

When the technology is used correctly, it can easily reach many desired information. This causes an increase in intelligence (IQ) level, especially in children.
It accelerates mental skill development.
Whatever you are curious about by learning to learn, you can easily reach what you want from the endless information on the internet.
A wealth of educational and instructive content

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