What are the Harms of Smoking and Using Alcohol?

People who smoke and alcohol can get many diseases over time. These irreversible diseases that occur especially at an advanced age can even lead to death. Therefore, people who smoke and drink alcohol should be prepared for these diseases. Many changes occur in the body of those who start using alcohol and cigarettes at an early age. When these changes begin to emerge, it turns out that the situation is bad.

The Harm of Alcohol

Using alcohol is a habit-forming situation like smoking. People who use alcohol cannot easily get rid of this situation.

– It causes temporary memory loss.

– Adversely affects the brain and nerve cells.

– It reduces the ability to see.

– It causes clogging of the veins.

– It causes loss of consciousness.

– Causes heart disease.

– It causes you to exhibit unexpected and unwanted behavior.

– Causes stomach diseases and causes vomiting.

– It causes compression of the rib cage.

– It causes stains on the skin.

– It causes an increase in skin diseases.

The hazards of smoking

Smoking is a condition that starts at a young age and continues throughout life. Smoking, which is one of the leading bad habits, invites many diseases.

– Causes chest diseases.

– It causes clogging of the veins.

– Changes the color of the skin.

– It causes osteoporosis.

– It causes bad breath.

– Causes teeth and gum diseases.

– It changes the sense of taste.

– Causes eye defects.

– Causes memory loss and premature dementia.

– It causes fatigue and insomnia.

– It triggers cancer-type diseases.

– It causes various birth risks in pregnant women.

– It negatively affects sexual life.

– It causes yellowing of nails.

– It causes cough and sputum formation.

– It causes skin spills.

The financial situation of people who smoke and alcohol is also badly affected. The budgets of people who spend too much money to buy cigarettes and alcohol are adversely affected over time. Therefore, it has been observed that there are many unrest.

Why shouldn’t alcohol and cigarette be smoked?

Alcohol and smoking should not be drunk as they cause many diseases. These diseases can have fatal consequences. Alcohol and smoking are not a simple habit. It is very difficult for people who use it to quit. Therefore, it is useful to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.

Alcohol and cigarettes, which are started at an early age, are generally used in a friend environment. Alcohol and smoking can be indispensable habits that are tried once in such environments. The results are not good at all. It will be in your best interest to avoid smoking and alcohol, which negatively affect you both in terms of health and financial aspects.

The lives of people who smoke and alcohol are negative in every way. It has been observed that people who use cigarettes and alcohol experience many negative material and moral aspects. In addition, their lives can pass negatively, as they will be recognized by their environment as people with bad habits. In order to avoid such troubles, it is useful to stay away from smoking and alcohol. It’s best not to start at all, as these are habits that are difficult to let go when they are started.

To live a better and healthier life, you should definitely stay away from smoking and alcohol.

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