What Are the Foods That Keep You Satisfied in Fasting?

It is very important to pay attention to the foods you consume during the fasting period. Because you will be hungry and thirsty all day long, it is necessary to pay attention to a healthy diet.

Generally, fasting people eat a variety of foods during iftar. In suhoor, they tend to eat lighter and more filling foods. There are many foods you can consume during iftar and sahur. Some foods will help you disappear more.


You can prefer soup for iftar or sahur. Soup is very important for both health and keeping you full. Of course, it will be better if the soup you will consume during the Ramadan period is with vegetables or chicken.


When you are fasting, adding yogurt to your iftar menu will be beneficial for you to stay full. Also, everyone knows that yogurt is a healthy food. That’s why you can often eat yoghurt during Ramadan.


It is better to prefer breakfast products for suhoor. In particular, you can eat boiled eggs to stay full. Since you will consume the egg in sahur, you can choose it as boiled or low-fat in a pan because it is light.


You should definitely consume banana, which is one of the fruits that keep it full, after iftar. You can enjoy this delicious and full fruit.

What are the Meals to Eat in Ramadan?

Fat-free or low-fat meals should be preferred during Ramadan. Especially in sahur, you should definitely consume foods that will disturb you. Offensive products are foods that are fatty and heavy. It is useful to stay away from these meals.

You can add healthy dishes such as grilled fish, chicken potatoes, fried eggplant, green beans and soup to your iftar menu during Ramadan. In addition, yoghurt and salad should be consumed frequently.

In sahur, more breakfast products should be preferred. Water consumption between iftar and sahur should also be balanced. In other words, you should not be burdened with drinking water. It is healthier to drink water slowly from iftar to sahur.

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