What Are the Benefits of the New Earth Fruit?

The new world fruit that protects from diseases also strengthens the body’s immune system. The new world fruit, which has anti-cancer potential, also improves gastrointestinal health. The new fruit of the world, which benefits vision health, also strengthens the immune system. This fruit, which relaxes the respiratory system, increases circulation and decreases blood pressure.

The new world fruit rich in potassium is known as a brain booster due to the increased blood flow to the capillaries of the brain. As the new world fruit is an expectorant, it is used in the treatment of colds and all other respiratory infections. Especially loquat tea brewed with the right methods is used as an expectorant.

How to consume medlar (maltese plum), what is it for?

Maltese plum, also known as the new world among the people, can be consumed as fruit. This fruit, which has many benefits for human health, is particularly rich in vitamin A. The homeland of malt plum belonging to the G├╝lgiller family is Japan. Spreading from Japan to the world, this fruit grows especially in the Mediterranean and European countries. Maltese plum grown on the tree has a green color. This fruit turns yellow as it ripens.

Maltese plum, which has a sweet and sour taste, contains seeds. After this fruit is washed, its pulp can be eaten. If the seeds in the fruit are boiled and the juice is consumed, it regulates stomach acid and relieves digestion. This fruit, which looks like a small pear, is used comfortably in making salads, jams, sugar syrup and marmalade. Maltese plums should be consumed after being washed thoroughly.

What Are the Health Benefits of Maltese Plum?

– Maltese plum is rich in fiber and pectin, as it has low calories. When this fruit is consumed regularly, it enables the food to be defecated more easily.
– Maltese plum also prevents diseases such as colon cancer.
– Maltese plum protects eye health thanks to its vitamin A content. In addition, this fruit meets fifty percent of the vitamin needs of the body. Since maltese plum contains high amounts of antioxidants, it also prevents viruses in the eyes. It also balances the vitamin level in the eye.
– Maltese plum also regulates blood sugar. In this way, the risk of developing diabetes is reduced. It is recommended by experts to consume malt plum for people with high blood sugar. Teas can be prepared by boiling leaves or seeds of maltese plum. The core of maltese plum balances insulin and glucose levels.

Wondering about the New World Fruit

As the fruit of the new world grows in clay soils, it is very rich in iron and copper. This fruit increases iron blood cells. People with iron deficiency should definitely consume plenty of new world fruits. The new world fruit, which also strengthens the immune system, also removes iron deficiency. Teas prepared from leaves and seeds of maltese plum generally also clear the throat infections.

Being a powerful expectorant, the new world fruit also removes viruses from the lungs. Nowadays, people suffering from chronic insomnia must consume new world fruits. For a comfortable sleep, at least 3 malt plums should be consumed before going to bed. The new world fruit, which is also rich in vitamin K, protects bone and muscle health. Bone resorption, which is especially seen in older ages, is also prevented.

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