Green plum is a sour fruit from the rosaceae family and contains vitamins and minerals that are good for human health such as fiber, C, A, vitamin K and sodium. 100 grams of plum is about 47 calories.

Most of the time, we eat the plums by salt. However, eating the plum by salt causes edema in the body, so it is more beneficial to consume it plain.

The 11 benefits of green plums:

1-Green plum is a fruit with high organic acid content. All these organic acids help keep the body alkaline.

2-Citric acid can neutralize the lactic acid in the body, thus preventing fatigue.

3-If consumed with dairy products such as yoghurt, buttermilk, cheese, it increases calcium absorption and supports dental and bone health.

4-When consumed with protein-based foods such as eggs, meat, fish and turkey, it reduces the acid effect of these foods and supports neutralization. In this way, it affects weight loss processes positively as metabolism will also be supported.

5-It has a suitable calcium / phosphorus ratio. Moreover, as it contains substances that increase calcium absorption; It is an exemplary food that should be included in the nutrition of children and the elderly.

6-A food rich in soluble fiber. In this way, it both facilitates digestion and helps prevent and solve constipation problem.

7-Regularly cut green plums will strengthen the gums.

8-Increases iron absorption and prevents anemia. Iron bioavailability can be increased by choosing plum as a fruit, especially after consumption of red meat and eggs.

9-Thanks to its high vitamin C content, it strengthens the immune system.

10-It has an anti-aging effect, prevents aging and renews the skin. The phytoflavonoids and vitamins it contains accelerate the regeneration of connective tissue. In this way, it supports the weight loss processes and helps for a firmer body.

11-It helps to regulate blood sugar and does not increase blood sugar rapidly like banana, kiwi, fig. In this way, it supports weight loss. An ideal fruit for snacks.

Which diseases are plum good for?

Plum removes menstrual irregularities.
It has antipyretic properties.
It is good for liver diseases.
Balances cholesterol.
It relieves constipation.
It is used in the treatment process to prevent iron deficiency.
It protects from asthma, lung cancer, colds, cough and chronic lung conditions.

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