Dry onions, which can be used in salads and meals, are grown in most of the countries where the Mediterranean climate is dominant. Dried onions, which are available in red, white and yellow colors, can benefit health in many ways.

What are the Benefits of Dry Onion?

Onion, which is consumed fondly in terms of taste and benefits, is among the plants known for its antioxidant effect. In addition, it has various benefits on the body.

  • l It helps to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. It strengthens the immune system.
  • l Dry onion, which is good for heart health, is beneficial for problems that may occur in the heart.
  • l Dry onion, which has anti-infective properties, has a positive effect on respiratory tract disorders.
  • l It prevents the blood from becoming a clot.
  • l Dried onion has the feature of balancing the cholesterol level.
  • l It helps in regulating the amount of sugar in the blood.
  • l It is beneficial for mental health.
  • l Onion helps to reduce hair loss.
  • l Dried onions have important benefits in protecting dental health. In addition, dried onions can be consumed once a week to maintain gum health.

What Is Dry Onion Good For?

The health benefits of dried onions are expressed by experts. Experts state that people who consume onions can be healthier than other people. In addition to the benefits of dried onions, it is stated that it is good for many diseases and body problems.

l Dry onions can be consumed in cases of nasal congestion. It provides more comfortable breathing.

l It is beneficial in curing and eliminating serious problems such as asthma.

l Dried onions support the removal of cancerous cells, which are the cause of cancer, from the body.

l Dried onion can be consumed to lose weight, as it has edema-reducing properties.

How to Use Dry Onion?

It is necessary to pay attention to some issues in the consumption of dried onions. In particular, the onion is fresh, it is considered necessary to get its benefits. Dry onions can be consumed before meals, together or after meals. However, at most 1 onion should be consumed per day. In case of excessive use, the stomach lining may be damaged.

What Are the Side Effects of Dry Onion?

Dry onions have very few side effects within normal consumption limits. However, if consumed excessively, some side effects may occur.

l Dried onions can cause extreme irritation to the eyes and mouth. It may be more common in people with vitamin deficiencies.

l Diarrhea, flatulence and cramping are among the side effects that can be seen in excessive consumption.

l People who are allergic to dried onions may experience an allergic reaction.

l Dry onions can cause tears when cut.

Apart from these, dried onions may have mild side effects. If individuals who will consume dried onions have additional diseases, they should consume it after getting information from their doctor.

How Does Dry Onion Smell Go?

Although dried onion has important benefits, it is not consumed by some people. The most important reason for this can be shown as the smell of dried onions after consumption. However, the odor that occurs after consumption of dried onions can be eliminated by various methods.

  • l The smell of dried onions can be eliminated by chewing cloves or consuming a pinch of parsley.
  • l Drinking half a glass of lemon juice with mint gum helps to remove the smell of dry onion. (Water should be added to lemon juice.)
  • l Consuming mashed potatoes, fresh mint leaves, mushrooms and carrots are among the ideal choices to remove the smell of dry onions.

In order to eliminate the smell of dried onions, it should not be overdone in the food consumed. Care should be taken as those used for deodorizing are usually of a sharp nature.

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