What are Apple Nutritional Values?

Apple is a very tasty fruit from the rosaceae family. It is a fruit group with many varieties. Apple is a fruit enjoyed all over the world and is the main fruit of the diet lists. It contains vitamin C and fiber. In addition, it has a protective effect against many diseases due to the values ​​in its structure.

Its low calorie makes it an ideal fruit for diet. Apple is a fruit that grows at all times of the year. But the main growing period of apples continues from the beginning of October to the end of March. There are vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in the structure of apples. In addition, apple is an extremely rich food in fiber care.

There is not much protein and fat in the structure of apples. But it is a food rich in fiber and carbohydrates. It is preferred that it be low in calories. The fact that the apple is an easily digested food is also important in terms of consumption.

How many calories does an apple contain?

It is the name given to the energy of foods consumed in calories. Individuals have a certain amount of calories to consume depending on their age, gender and lifestyle. This amount of calories is determined daily. Especially dieters pay attention to their daily calorie calculations. In diet programs, both calorie calculation and nutritional values ​​should be calculated. Apples are low in calories. There are 50 calories in a 100 gram apple.

Which Vitamins Are in Apples?

Apple is an extremely useful fruit. It contains many vitamins. There are vitamins A and C in apples. It is a very rich fruit in terms of vitamins. Vitamin A helps the skin structure to be healthier. It is effective in protecting teeth and gums. It also helps bones to be healthier.

The fact that apples are rich in vitamins is an important reason for consumption. An adult can get 20% of his daily A and C vitamin need by consuming apples. There are minerals besides vitamins in apple. In addition, apples contain iron, calcium and potassium. The fact that the apple is rich in fiber also helps the person to be healthy.

Benefits of Fiber in Apple

Fibrous foods help the person feel full. Fibrous foods have the ability to hold water. This creates a feeling of satiety. For this reason, it is the main food of the diet lists. It also supports the regulation of bowel movements. Thanks to its apple structure, it is important for people who will diet. It regulates the intestinal flora. Apple is beneficial for the whole body.

Apple strengthens the immune system and supports skin health. It is protective against cancer and heart diseases. In addition, there is a high level of sugar in apples. For this reason, it should be consumed in a balanced way. Especially diabetics should pay attention to consumption.

Benefits of Vitamins A and C

Vitamin A helps maintain eye health. People who eat foods rich in vitamin A can have clear vision even in low light. In addition, vitamin A is an antioxidant. It helps cells stay healthy. During pregnancy, it supports the health of the mother and baby. Vitamin A also prevents cancer formation.

Apple is a fruit rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C cannot be produced naturally by the body. For this reason, it should be taken with foods. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system. It supports the reduction of skin wrinkles. The stress level of people who take vitamin C decreases. It also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. Digestive problems are reduced with vitamin C intake.

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