Specialist Clinical Psychologist Seda Aydoğdu gave information and advice on circumcision.

The child should be circumcised between 0-6 months.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Seda Aydoğdu, who emphasized that circumcision should be done between 0-6 months in children, said, “If it is not done in this time period, we recommend it to be done after the age of 6. We recommend families not to have their children circumcised, especially between the ages of 3-6, and to do it before or after this age range, unless there is a special and urgent health condition.” said.

Seda Aydoğdu noted that the age range of 3 – 6 is a period when children’s sexual identities begin to develop and said, “This is a period when children begin to understand their own and others’ genders and sexual identities. We recommend circumcision to be done after the age of 6, as the child starts to identify with his/her parent who is the same gender as his/her gender, and starts to imitate and imitate him in the sensitive period of 3-6 years. said.

The child’s anxiety may increase while waiting for the circumcision

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Seda Aydoğdu said, ‘In our culture, little children are expected to grow up a little and are circumcised together with the older child.’ said and continued:

“Families may have requests such as ‘we’ll make the wedding of two of them one’. If the age difference between the children is more than 1, please do not keep us waiting. If necessary, both can be circumcised at different times. As the older child’s perceptions and awareness are more open and higher, he may become anxious as he thinks about the process that awaits him. For this reason, some of their behaviors may go back to being more babyish. It is not the right behavior to burden children because they have trouble managing this anxiety and fear. If the child is ready, if this process can be shared with him, if this process can be managed with his doctor, if the child can express his opinion about the process, if necessary, if he can determine the date himself, he should be circumcised and the same process should be taken again with him when the younger child grows up.”

Families should pay attention to their words

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Seda Aydoğdu stated that the circumcision process should be explained to the child from the moment this decision is taken and continued as follows:

“The child should definitely be told why circumcision should happen, what kind of procedure it will have and how much it will hurt. Discourses that increase the anxiety and fears of children aged 3-6 should be avoided. Because of these statements, anxiety and fear can reach serious dimensions. It is also wrong to say, ‘You will never be hurt, you will never understand it, because these are not realistic statements. It is very important to tell realistic discourses according to the child’s age and cognitive level. Details such as how much it will hurt, when this procedure will take place, how long it will take, when it will be the same as before, should be explained and even introduced to the pediatrician beforehand. The doctor will also give the child information about this process. His doctor will tell him how long the process will take and how he will do it. Only in this way will the child’s anxieties be controllable and more manageable.”

Circumcision wedding can be done in pandemic conditions with attention

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Seda Aydoğdu, who stated that this procedure will only happen once in the child’s life and will not be repeated, is one of the most important points that should not be forgotten. There is a situation like this in our country; A ceremony is held when boys are circumcised. Dressing the child in beautiful costumes at the circumcision wedding, making an organization, giving him the gifts, toys and money he loves are actually approaches to reduce the child’s anxiety. Maybe these can be done with a little more care in pandemic conditions.” he said.

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