Nowadays, it has become possible to make almost every aspect of the face more aesthetic by giving it a natural appearance. All kinds of aesthetic operations can be performed, from rhinoplasty to almond eye, from breast aesthetics to regional thinning, from cheek thinning to chin reduction, from lip filling to cheekbone filling, from wrinkle treatment to dimple aesthetics.

All of these procedures can be performed using surgical and non-surgical techniques, or a combination of both. Nowadays, surgical operations are generally performed by applying minimal and hidden stitches. Non-surgical operations are generally applied by injection methods.

Most preferred operations

In order to make the face more aesthetic, rhinoplasty, eye contour aesthetics, cheek thinning or plumping, chin shaping, lip filling, eyebrow lift, forehead and face lift, facial wrinkles can be treated. In addition to eliminating the aesthetic problems in the face, aesthetic expectations such as dimple aesthetics or almond eye aesthetics can be applied with minimal operations today.

Among the most common operations requested for the body area are breast aesthetics, tummy tuck and liposuction operations. Breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift aesthetics are the operations with the highest patient satisfaction.

Full or mini tummy tuck are operations that are preferred by both women and men and provide the patient to have a flat stomach shape. In addition, regional slimming can be achieved with liposuction techniques for non-melting fat in the hips, legs, arms and abdomen. It should be reminded that tummy tuck and regional thinning aesthetics are not weight loss operations. These operations are suitable for people who have fat close to their ideal weight but do not melt locally and who need skin tightening and tightening.

All applications in aesthetic operations are planned and applied according to the needs of the person. For this, patients are recommended to obtain personalized information from a specialist plastic surgeon.

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