The new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), which entered the lives of societies as the most important item on the world agenda about 1.5 years ago, brought many changes in social life.

Experts state that the most important factors triggering weight gain are the decrease in physical activity, the stress of the pandemic, and the change in sleep and nutrition patterns in this process where flexible or remote working actively begins.

Answering the questions of the AA correspondent on the occasion of the World Dietitians Day, Health Sciences University (SBU) Hamidiye Health Sciences Faculty, Nutrition and Dietetics Department Head Assoc. Dr. Fatih Özbey stated that the whole world is going through a difficult process, and that the stress of illness along with staying at home pushes people to a direction called “emotional nutrition”.

Assoc. Dr. Özbey also stated that the movements of individuals were restricted in the process, and that there was a change in sleep cycles, and that, as a natural result of all these factors, when the demands made by dietitians were taken into account, weight increases were experienced intensely.

“Adequate and balanced nutrition has become much more important during the pandemic process”

Pointing out that adequate and balanced nutrition has gained much more importance during the pandemic process, Özbey continued as follows:

“Unfortunately, there is no preventive or therapeutic nutrient for the coronavirus, but we know that if we take adequate and balanced nutrition from both protein sources and sufficient antioxidant components on a regular basis, we know that it has a protective and strengthening effect on our immune system. However, exercise and regular sleep are very important. Because night sleep is also important. It is important for the regulation of the immune system. In this process, the habits of reaching patients and clients on the internet have increased a little more. This is of particular importance for our colleagues. Thus, it has also removed some of the obstacles that people used to go to a dietitian. This habit is also pleasing for our profession. something.”

Özbey, who also warns against “fast” and “shock diets” in order to get in shape as soon as possible, said, “Putting the body much more stressed and tiring under the name of losing weight quickly will lower our immune system this time, not only in terms of covid but also other diseases. Therefore, it is important for our health to lose weight under the control of a doctor if there is a disease, or under the supervision of a dietitian if there is a disease.” he said.

“The mind should not be preoccupied with being obsessed with nutrition or weight”

Yeditepe University Faculty of Health Sciences Vice Dean and Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Dr. Instructor Member Binnur Okan Bakır also said that the diet has changed due to the stress experienced along with the fear of illness during the epidemic process and the daily life being affected.

In this process, even though the diet did not change, Bakır stated that the physical activity of almost everyone decreased a lot, and that this also caused weight gain.

Stating that factors such as boredom, unplanned time and stress are the factors that trigger eating attacks, Bakır said that social spaces also cause an increase in food intake, and a trend towards an increase in body weight was detected in studies conducted with small populations in this process.

Expressing that the mind should not be obsessed with both food and nutrition and weight, Bakır gave the following information:

“What can we do? If we spend a lot of time at home, if our physical activity is restricted, we can organize our meal times. We can make the main and snacks without obsessing about it again. We can stay away from snacks. We can focus on other hobbies we enjoy instead of occupying our minds with them. Of course, if our food intake does not increase. As soon as our even movement stops, fat accumulation will start gradually. Therefore, being active at home as much as we can, as our health allows, will also help to maintain body weight.”

“There is no forbidden food, no very good food, no miraculous or very bad food”

Binnur Okan Bakır, pointing out that the interest in dietitians has increased in this process, stated that they do not only do weight loss treatment, but also take a very serious role in the medical nutrition treatment of emerging diseases.

“However, obesity is increasing tremendously in our country as it is in the world right now. Accordingly, applications for this purpose have already been very high in recent years. As the pandemic process gets into the business, there is an increase in weight in the society and even the world, of course. they prefer to get support from an expert and of course the applications in this direction have increased.” he said.

Providing advice to those who want to lose weight in a healthy way, Bakır said, “Mediterranean type diet, which is now proven and accepted all over the world… There is no need to make this job very difficult. There are no forbidden foods, no very good, miraculous foods or very bad foods. Consumption of even what we call bad -we say ready-to-use – is not healthy for children or adults, but when we look at the evidence and guidelines, it says, ‘If it is not more than once in 15 days, you will not see a bad effect in terms of health, the frequency of this is important.’ It’s like that even for bad. When we say balanced diet, we recommend the Mediterranean diet.” made its assessment.

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