ERÜ Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology, Dr. Ahmet İnal touched on immunity and diet during the epidemic. Dr. İnal said, “Our most basic system against coronavirus is the immune system. We need to keep this immune system strong at all times. There are many drugs that are sold as ‘supporting the immune system’. When you look on the internet, there are many sources about this. In fact, it is not very difficult to keep the immune system alive. We can do this with nutrition. We have a lot of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which we call probiotics. We need to strengthen and protect these bacteria. They kind of help the immune system. Therefore, we can protect them through nutrition. There is something we call the Mediterranean diet. It has been observed that the life span of those who have been fed the Mediterranean diet is 10 years longer. So you are on a Mediterranean diet, your life can be extended by 10 years. Therefore, we can feed the Mediterranean diet, ”he said.


Dr. Stating that the sleep pattern is important for the immune system, İnal said, “It was observed that the immune system weakened approximately 4 times in the sleep less than 8 hours, and increased 4 times in the sleep over 8 hours. Therefore, sleep is very important to support the immune system. So how should sleep be? Sleep should be in dark environments without light. We have a hormone called melatonin. This hormone secreted is a hormone that supports our immune system. A dark environment is absolutely necessary for melatonin to be secreted. Also, people should take care to exercise. It can be exercise for 45 minutes. The person should make the adjustment of the exercise according to himself. The sweating that occurs when exercising strengthens the human defense system. It is necessary to feel that sweating, ”he said.


Stating that people should take vitamin D, Dr. Ahmet İnal said, “Vitamin D is especially important in supporting the immune system. It is difficult to get vitamin D in winter, maybe because there is no sun. Therefore, if possible, vitamin D can be taken from outside in the form of supplements. It is necessary to stay in the sun for 10 minutes an hour when the sun will be most effective in summer. It is absolutely necessary to make vitamin D supplements. When we do these, our immune system can become stronger, ”he said.

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