Water is of great importance for our body, leaving the body without water causes many body problems.

The primary criterion to protect our spine health is weight! The discs, joints, ligaments and muscles that provide spinal flexibility are exposed to overload due to the pressure of excess weight and may cause lumbar hernia by deformation. In addition, by changing the center of gravity of the body, it can prepare the ground for waist slips. You can reduce the risk of lumbar hernia by losing your excess weight.

While we are training our nafs during the day, let’s continue this during the iftar hour, let’s avoid exaggerated meals.

Along with the pandemic process and fasting, immobility is the worst enemy of the skeletal system. Do not neglect light-paced exercises as much as your hunger during the day, without increasing your heart rate too much. Even if you cannot do it during the day, try to do the spine health exercises I shared before and a light-paced walk at home, as there are prohibited hours between iftar and sahur.

Take care of your sleep patterns, our mental and body health, strong immunity goes through regular sleep. Do not forget that regular and quality sleep reduces the rate of getting sick.

Be sure to continue to use supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin C, which you should take while fasting or to strengthen your skeletal system, after iftar. Make sure you have a place on your table for foods with high content. Also, regularly consume eggs, legumes and dairy products. Reduce your carbohydrate and fat consumption as much as possible.

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