Pointing out that sunbathing in windy weather can increase the risk of spots, Dr. Bahar Öznur says: “Protection is very important in order to reduce sun-related spots. Contact with the sun should be reduced as much as possible and sunscreen creams and sprays containing at least 30 protection factor should be used in summer and winter. Broad-spectrum sun protection creams against UVA-UVB rays protect the skin from sunburns and sun damage and reduce the risk of blemishes. In addition, some antioxidant-containing substances in these creams prevent premature aging of the skin.

Emphasizing the importance of preventing direct skin contact with the sun, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Bahar Öznur said, “You should definitely wear hats, glasses and protective clothing. Although stains are a cosmetic problem, it should be known that intense sunlight contact also increases the frequency of skin cancer, and lists other factors that should be considered as follows:

There are many causes of sunspots.

Familial factors, hormonal drugs, pregnancy and some chemicals are other reasons that increase the development of spots. Spotting is more common in summer pregnant women, especially since the increased estrogen hormone stimulates the spotting during pregnancy. Therefore, prolonged sunbathing should be avoided during pregnancy.

Personal care applications should be left to spring

Processes such as waxing, laser epilation, chemical peeling, and fractional laser performed during the summer months may increase the risk of stains. Therefore, such applications should definitely be postponed to the autumn months. Since some products applied to the body, such as perfume and cologne, contain chemicals that can cause direct staining, they should not be used in sunny areas in summer. Be careful because wet wipes with alcohol can also increase this risk.

Pay attention to the drugs used!

Some medications are known to increase skin blemishes. Birth control pills, rheumatic drugs, some heart medications and antibiotics, and drugs used in the treatment of acne also increase the sensitivity to the sun and stimulate the development of spots. In addition to these, the use of wrong cosmetic products can also cause serious staining. It is important that individuals using such drugs are informed about the drugs and avoid sunbathing.

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