The Covid-19 outbreak affected them the most. Those over the age of 65 suffered the most from bans and restrictions, as they were identified as the ‘high risk group’ in the pandemic. Some could not see their children for months; longing for his grandchildren… We still cannot hug our elderly loved ones and kiss their hands. Even so, we can remember and find a way to make them happy, due to the March 18-24 Respect for the Elderly Week. Yes, 18 to 24 March each year history in Turkey for the elderly in the state designated as Respect Week. While we are trying to raise awareness about the elderly with the activities carried out this week, we remember how we can show them the necessary value and respect.

“Let’s not stop protecting them”

Making a statement due to the Respect for the Elderly Week, Director of Beykoz University Vocational School Prof. Dr. Gülten Kaptan said, “In this epidemic period, every elderly person needs more searches, more care and more attention. The Covid-19 outbreak seriously affects the global population. Older people in many countries still face threats and difficulties… Those who live with these people at high risk and those who visit them should also take measures to protect them from the Covid-19 virus.

In order to protect the elderly, isolation, masks and hygiene rules should also be applied at a high level. In the world and in our country, individuals aged 65 and over are considered as ‘elderly population’. Especially in developed and developing countries, the decrease in birth rates and the prolongation of life expectancy increase the share of the elderly population in the total population. The situation is different in Turkey. The ratio of the total population of the elderly population in our country, according to the Turkey Statistical Institute data 3.9 percent in 1935, per cent in 1980, 4.7, the rate in 2019, while 7.5 per cent in 2015 to 7 million 550 thousand 727 people rose to 9.1 percent. According to population projections, the proportion of elderly population will increase to 10.2 percent in 2023 and 16.3 percent in 2040.

The number of nursing homes is increasing

As the share of the elderly in the population increases, the number of public services such as nursing homes for the elderly and home care increases in our country. The number of nursing homes under the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services increased from 63 in 2020 to 153 in 2020. While the number of elderly people cared for in nursing homes affiliated to the Ministry was 4 thousand 952 in 2002, this number increased by 2.8 times and reached 13 thousand 970 in 2020. It should also be noted that the total capacity of these nursing homes in 2020 is 15 thousand 607. It is known that 153 thousand 893 of 523 thousand 68 people who benefit from home care services in 2020 are individuals over the age of 65.

The goal is to increase the quality in elderly care …

Family, Labor and Social Services Ministry was launched in 2020 with the application, many enterprises up to disabled care centers in nursing homes, began to be evaluated regularly for the first time within the scope of Turkey-specific defined quality standards. With the slogan “2020 will be the ‘Quality’ Year in Disabled and Elderly Care”, the need for care and protection for the elderly continues to be addressed with more importance.

“The world and of course our country is getting older. On this occasion, it is among the undeniable responsibilities of the state, non-governmental organizations, families and individuals to provide services in all dimensions of financial and spiritual groups to older groups. takes away from old neighbors; they may consider communication unnecessary. Whereas, they can try to ask them questions. Thus, they can realize how much knowledge they have accumulated in a lifetime. All seniors have already experienced many things that young people go through. So show respect and listen to what he has to say. They may be a little tired, but who knows which mountains they climbed to get to where they are? Those old people deserve the leading corner in any place. “

“Benefit from the wisdom of the elders”

Underlining that the young should benefit from the wisdom of the elders, Captain said, “Being kind to the elders is a sign of respect. Elders have a lot to teach us to endure change and deal with life’s challenges. They may have hearing difficulties, have a weakened memory, but their wisdom is undeniable. Underlining that spending time with the elderly is also important, Kaptan makes the following suggestions, even though it is a bit difficult in pandemic conditions: “Eating together is one of the greatest social traditions for humanity. At shared tables and tables, while feeding your body on the one hand, you also grow up and have a good time. So go to your favorite restaurant with the elders, have a picnic or visit the old loved ones’ home, try to eat together regularly. Discuss family heritage, history and traditions. There is such a beautiful power in family stories; carries the mind to different worlds. “

15 ways to make seniors happy!

1-) Pay attention to communicating with the elderly.
2-) Ask the elderly about their past experiences… Try to learn that they have saved a lifetime.
3-) Let the elders compare the present world with the past.
4-) Listen to their stories; enrich your own stories, add color.
5-) Instead of getting angry because they are constantly repeating the same things, be patient, care about their experiences, learn.
6-) Getting old does not mean the end of learning… Share the developments in today’s world with them. Help them learn new things.
7-) Try to live with your elderly family members as much as possible. Remember, they’ll be happier with you.
😎 Love them as much as you respect the elders… The older you are, the more compassion you need.
9-) Show your respect in every environment by being kind to the elderly.
10-) Listen to his advice in dealing with life’s difficulties, even if he has hearing difficulties or his memory weakens.
11-) Try to eat with them at regular intervals by following the pandemic measures.
12-) Include them in your trips, take them on vacation, have a picnic by following the pandemic measures.
13-) Visit the homes of the elderly as often as necessary, following the pandemic precautions; Never forget to knock on their doors, especially during holidays.
14-) Talk and discuss the family traditions, history and common loved ones with the elderly who you have kinship relationships.

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