With the pandemic, the regained awareness of the importance of the immune system is for everyone from 7 to 70; Considering the conditions such as feeding, sleeping and working; It makes it necessary to take new and healthy steps in their daily life. It is necessary to get support from rich solutions such as multivitamins in order to strengthen the immune system, which is especially important in periods such as epidemics and seasonal transitions. Today, comprehensive formulas are developed for the need for vitamin supplements.

The health barrier of epidemics and seasonal transitions: rich vitamin combinations

With the global Covid-19 epidemic, almost everyone in the world against viruses and bacteria; It places more emphasis on strengthening the immune system than in the past in order to be able to effectively resist. Experts say that supplements containing a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids specially prepared to strengthen the immune system play an important role in fighting diseases. Experts say that micronutrients, especially vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as selenium and zinc, increase the effectiveness of influenza vaccines; He states that if vitamin and mineral intake decreases due to malnutrition, the response to the vaccine decreases.

The foods we consume are not enough for vitamin intake

Pharm. Ayşen Dincer, the importance of taking advantage of vitamin supplements “There is a common and wrong opinion that the vitamins needed in our country are taken from the foods consumed. The World Health Organization says that if you can consume 5-7 servings of seasonal cooked fruit and vegetables, compared to the rest of the population, your nutritional reserve may be good. However, when we look at the “Turkey Nutrition Guide”; In our country, we see that this average is 1.5 servings a day. Moreover, this rate decreases to 0.7 in young people. For this reason, I think it is very important for every individual to use vitamin supplements according to their needs, ”he explains.

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