Stating that the temperature and pressure changes that start with the spring can cause symptoms such as weakness, constant sleepiness and desire to sleep, joint pain, digestive system, problems, depressive mood, and these are generally called spring fatigue, Nutrition and Dietetic Specialist, Uzm . Dyt. Cem Nevşioğulları said that spring fatigue can be reduced with a few simple methods. Emphasizing that spring fatigue complaints, which are more effective in women due to metabolic structure and hormones, can be reduced by simple methods that can be done in lifestyle, Nevşioğulları said, “The most basic way to alleviate the effects of spring fatigue is to meet the increasing water need of the body during this period, to have a correct and balanced diet, to sleep a regular and quality sleep and definitely take short walks in the open air during the day, ”he said.


Explaining that not only spring fatigue, but also the strongest defense system of the body against seasonal diseases is to strengthen immunity. Dyt. Cem Nevşioğulları said, “There is no specific miracle food or method that directly strengthens immunity. Immunity is a complex structure that is affected by many points. The immunity should be strengthened by consuming at least two and a half liters of water a day, feeding without skipping basic meals with vegetables and fruits rich in B vitamins and antioxidants, regular and high quality sleep and simple exercises to be done every day. “Unidirectional nutrition model, unsuitable for the person, harsh and purposeless diets, vitamin supplements taken with hearsay information may cause results that harm metabolism rather than strengthen immunity”


Providing information about what can be done to strengthen immunity, Uzm. Dyt. Cem Nevşioğulları said, “The strength of the immune system depends on the balanced consumption of meals, carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals.”

Sharing tips to strengthen immunity, Nevşioğulları said, “In order to get enough vitamin B, C, potassium and magnesium, foods containing them should be consumed, meals should be prepared with fresh vegetables and fruits suitable for the season, consumption of fibrous food should not be neglected, at least a day to help eliminate edema from the body. “Two liters of water should be consumed.”


Emphasizing that breakfast should be made in the daily diet, Nevşioğulları said, “Main meals should not be neglected, if possible, two snacks should be supported with healthy snacks, if possible, a salad should be consumed at lunch and dinner.”

Stay away from fast and shock diets

Stating that at least 10 minutes of walks should be done outdoors, Nevşioğulları said, “Since excessive salt will increase water accumulation in the body and cause fatigue, salt consumption should be reduced, fast and shock diets should be avoided, sleep patterns should be paid as much attention as nutrition, coffee, tea, coke. Caffeinated beverages such as, cocoa and the like should be reduced, instead of caffeinated beverages, herbal teas that relax the metabolism and strengthen the immune system should be preferred.

Stating that fiber foods such as unrefined whole grain products, whole wheat rice, bulgur, whole wheat bread and legumes should be preferred, Nevşioğulları continued his words as follows:

“In order to provide a feeling of satiety, if possible, one should not eat fast snacks, while watching television, talking on the phone, in a taxi or in the car while traveling from one place to another. Meals should be consumed by sitting at the table, in small bites, chewing slowly. “

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