Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Dr. Hakan Kutlu said, “Bronchitis, which is the inflammation seen in the bronchi, which are medium-width airways that carry the air we take in our lungs to the sacs called alveoli, can be acute or chronic. Chronic bronchitis may not be felt for many years. For this reason, every respiratory problem should be approached carefully, ”he says.

Stating that bronchitis is generally divided into acute and chronic bronchitis, Dr. Hakan Kutlu gave the following information about the causes of the disease:

“The main causes of acute bronchitis are viruses and allergic causes. Especially influenza group viruses that cause influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and coronavirus, adenovirus, rhinovirus. Rarely, various bacteria cause bronchitis. In chronic bronchitis, as a result of chronic exposure and irritation such as smoking, dust, toxic gases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), there is a slow but continuous thickening of the bronchial walls and an increase in mucus (viscous fluid) production. “

Similar symptoms are seen

Noting that the symptoms are generally similar in both acute and chronic bronchitis, Dr. Hakan Kutlu said, “These symptoms are; with a sputum, deep cough, shortness of breath and wheezing. Apart from these, sometimes signs of upper respiratory tract infection such as fever, inflamed sputum, runny nose, headache and sore throat, frequent and recurrent lung infections in addition to chronic bronchitis, constant fatigue, long-term low blood oxygen level, so-called cyanosis in the fingertips, Bluish skin findings seen on the lips are also seen, ”he said.

The recovery time is different

The diagnosis of bronchitis is made by blood tests, lung imaging and respiratory function test. Emphasizing that the main method of treatment is to eliminate the cause of bronchitis, Dr. Hakan Kutlu said, “When necessary, antiviral and antibiotic treatments, anti-allergies for allergies and smoking are important to be reduced and terminated. At the same time, the increased mucus production in the bronchi due to inflammation and drugs that reduce mucus production so that they do not act as a plug, and abundant fluid consumption are also effective in the treatment of bronchitis.

Stating that acute bronchitis regresses rapidly within days with treatment, Dr. Hakan Kutlu said, “In chronic bronchitis, it may take weeks or even months to improve the complaints arising from long-term exposure,” he said.

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