Varicose veins disease is often seen in people aged 50 and over. One out of every two people aged 50 and over is faced with the problem of varicose veins. With the arrival of the summer season, the problems related to varicose veins increase with the warming of the weather. Itching, swelling, bleeding, pain problems occur in varicose areas, not in terms of appearance, but with the effect of temperature. Apart from these, one of the biggest problems triggered by varicose veins is the problem of clotting together with the insufficient fluids taken in hot weather.

Summer months are suitable for treatment

Varicose veins can be seen more easily in the summer months with the effect of hot weather. Summer months are also suitable for the treatment of varicose veins. Considering the complaints experienced by the person, he / she should apply to the specialist physician without waiting. Postponing the treatment process will increase the severity of the complaints.

Today, with the developing technology, varicose treatment has diversified and has become easier than before. In future cases, it is possible to get rid of the problem of varicose veins with methods that do not require general anesthesia, if the specialist physician deems appropriate.

In the treatment process, the underlying health problem of varicose veins should be determined by first applying to a cardiovascular specialist in the field. After the diagnosis, the treatment methods to be applied to the person can be determined. Today, the most preferred treatment method is the treatment of varicose veins with radiofrequency. The effect of varicose veins according to their severity and width varies from person to person.

Suggestions for those who have varicose veins problems for the summer period

What can be done to spend the summer period with less varicose pain;

– To choose sunbathing hours before 10.00 in the morning or after 16.00 in the afternoon.
– Spending time in cool and shady environments when the sun reaches steeply.
– Massage the varicose area with cold water after sunbathing.
– Running the leg muscles with at least 30 minutes of walking during the day.
– Increasing fluid intake.

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