Experts who state that electrical energy enters every field of human life with the developing technology, electronic communication systems that surround the world like a network, radio and television transmitters, satellites, radars, electrical devices used at home, medical devices, mobile phones, computers, in short, all electrical devices emit electromagnetic radiation to the environment. emphasizing their dissemination. Noting that the complete abandonment of the devices will mean the rejection of technology, experts note that it is possible to minimize the damages.

Beware of electromagnetic radiation pollution!

prof. Dr. Selim Şeker, ‘Scientific and technological developments have brought some dangers along with the convenience and benefits they have provided to humanity.’ said and continued:

“In recent years, the rapid development and increase in the number of devices working with electromagnetic field (EMF) energy has brought a new danger, electromagnetic radiation pollution, to the agenda. The fact that this pollution, like other types of pollution, cannot be directly perceived by the sense organs, that its effect does not appear in a short time and that its effect is not known as a unit, prevents the public and authorized institutions from showing the necessary sensitivity to the issue. However, research has revealed that these devices, which have become an integral part of our lives, from microwave ovens to base stations and mobile phones, can have negative effects on human health. However, the complete abandonment of these devices will mean the rejection of technology. The best way to follow; It will be raising awareness of the society about the negative effects of these devices on human health, the companies producing these devices will design them in a way that will minimize their damage and indicate the degree of harmfulness on them.”

They make life easier, but they emit radiation

Emphasizing that electrical energy has entered every area of ​​human life with the developing technology, Prof. Dr. Selim Şeker said, “We use electrical energy in our business life, raising our living standards and increasing our comfort, and more importantly, in health services and security systems. Again, thanks to this energy, we can communicate with every part of the world from where we sit, and in a sense, we bring the world to our feet. However, electronic communication systems, radio and television transmitters, satellites, radars, household electrical devices, medical devices, mobile phones, computers, in short, all electrical devices that surround the world like a network emit electromagnetic radiation to the environment. said.

Listen to these tips…

Drawing attention to the fact that electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of cancer by many scientists in the light of scientific data, Prof. Dr. Selim Şeker, “Moreover; It is known that many diseases such as miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, depression, suicidal ideation, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are associated with electromagnetic fields. Electric blankets should be turned off and unplugged after going to bed. Electric radio clocks should not be kept in the bedroom, if necessary, they should be one and a half meters away. Lamps with metal heads used at the bedroom head end should not be used if possible, since they produce a high level of electromagnetic field, other lamps should be preferred because fluorescent lamps emit UV (Ultraviolet) rays. Care should be taken not to allow the electrical lines of the house to pass through the wall where the head end of the beds (especially children’s beds) rests. Hair dryer should be used for a short time, electric shaver should be preferred. If they are not required to be used immediately, electrical devices should be disconnected from the grid as much as possible.” he said.

Stay 3 meters away from devices that generate magnetic fields.

prof. Dr. Selim Şeker pointed out that very low-frequency areas are the areas created by all energy, transmission and distribution lines, electrical installations in homes and electrical appliances operating with 50Hz frequency, and continued his words as follows:

“Around high voltage lines, electric and magnetic fields occur at different levels depending on the distance to the line and the voltage of the line. In terms of human health, magnetic fields at low frequencies are more harmful than electric fields. Electric and magnetic fields are measured with special instruments. As a result of the measurement, the most intense magnetic fields; It has been detected near devices with small motors or transformers, such as hair dryers, fluorescent lamps, electric shavers. Therefore, it should be kept at a distance of 3 meters from such devices. This distance usually provides sufficient protection. In addition, baby alarms, digital or analog electric clocks, electric blankets create very high magnetic fields. Appliances that are completely closed with on-off switches do not emit magnetic fields, but they continue to create an electric field as long as they are plugged in. Electrical installations passing through walls also emit magnetic fields. However, equipment made according to good plumbing principles is not thought to be alarming.”

Electromagnetic radiation weakens immunity

Stating that the investigation of the effects of electromagnetic fields on human health is of great importance for general public health, especially for professional workers, Şeker said, “Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) surrounds us in our daily life and causes an increase in the potential amount of exposure due to the continuous increase in its sources. For this reason, we can say that electromagnetic pollution has become a necessity to be handled and examined scientifically without repeating previous neglect and mistakes. As a result of the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by the body, body temperature may increase depending on power and some other parameters. This increased temperature without illness can cause the body’s immune system to weaken continuously. It is known that electromagnetic waves have an effect on living things at all frequencies.” he said.

Radiofrequency radiation disrupts DNA

300 kHz in general, such as radio and television transmitters, radars, walkie-talkies, microwave ovens, cell phones and base stations. with 300GHz. Expressing that instruments emitting waves at frequencies varying between Dr. Selim Şeker said, “The most well-known effect of radio-frequency radiation on living organisms is that it causes warming. The greatest impact occurs on the outer surface of the body, and local burns can occur. Although the temperature effect decreases as you go deeper into the body, exposure to long-wave radiation causes a high temperature increase in the muscles. It is possible for some organs to be damaged without overheating. The most common sources of radio frequency radiation we encounter in daily life are mobile phones and their ground antennas, namely base stations. In this regard, we can say that there are alarming results in studies conducted on animals at the cell level. The increase in the incidence of cancer tumors and brain tumors as a result of DNA degradation has been scientifically proven.” said.

Children should stay away from cell phone

prof. Dr. Selim Şeker drew attention to the fact that long-term intensive use of mobile phones can trigger many serious diseases from vision and hearing disorders to brain tumors and disrupt the genetic structure, and concluded his words as follows:

“Children are easily affected by radio frequency fields from mobile phones. Electromagnetic radiation emitted by the mobile phone; While it causes changes in children’s brain activities, it can also lead to learning deficiencies, impaired concentration and aggressive behavior. Cell phones also reduce men’s sperm count. Stay away from radiation sources as much as possible. For example, even if the distance between mobile phones and the head is 1 cm, the amount of absorbed radiation is considerably reduced. The interaction of pregnant women, babies and children with all types of radiation should be limited as much as possible.”

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